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Status Match 4

Status Match 4 | Star Alliance | Wunderman
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Industry: Transport & Tourism
Media:Direct Market
Market:United Kingdom
Style: Minimalism
Background and Challenge
•In 2003, we created a brand campaign for Star Alliance
•Research told us that our best customers, frequent flyers, didn’t much enjoy the experience
•And at the very least wanted to be recognised by their loyalty programme/airline network
•A multi-media campaign demonstrated the benefits of being part of the Star Alliance network and showed how they would “recognise you anywhere on earth”
•Star Alliance decided to go on the offensive to try and win share of their rival’s best customers – business travellers who have earned Gold or Silver Status with the oneworld alliance
•The “Status Match” campaign launched in February 2004 builds upon the insights into business travelling, and further demonstrates how Star Alliance recognises and rewards these people, and aims to gain a share of this valuable customer segment

Insight - Customer analysis
•Our target audience travel frequently on business and see travelling as a chore rather than a pleasure
•They have gruelling schedules – taxi – airport – taxi – hotel – meeting – airport – taxi
•Suffering from jet lag and the stress of constantly being away from home can take it out of them
•We know from research that they appreciate and enjoy benefits such as lounge access and upgrades
–These benefits make their travel experience less stressful.
•They will already be a member of a non-Star Alliance Frequent Flyer

•It has probably taken them sometime to achieve their Gold or Silver status
–This equates to a lot of flights, a lot of business trips, a long time away from home.

Insight -Market analysis
•There are two other competitive alliances – oneworld and SkyTeam
•Research indicated that Star Alliance brand awareness in the UK is currently low (56%)
•British Airways (BA) is a strong brand and the dominant home carrier in the UK market and belongs to the oneworld Alliance
•For frequent flyers, there is a stronger preference for BA & oneworld (43% oneworld vs 23% Star Alliance preference)
•There are few points of differentiation in terms of the product offering between the alliances
•The Star Alliance network can however claim to be the largest in several aspects:

- Number of member airlines (15 vs 8 with oneworld)
- Number of destinations (700 vs 550 with oneworld)
- Number of lounges (550 vs 400 with oneworld)

The Brand Idea
•Given these market and customer insights
•Coupled with the Star Alliance promise of being ‘recognised anywhere on earth’, the brand idea created was “Get in minutes what it has taken you months to earn with someone else”

•To demonstrate this, the campaign for Star Alliance went head to head with BA and oneworld by offering to match the status achieved in a competitive Frequent Flyer Programme
•Star Alliance recognises that you have achieved a high level of status, and can give you all the travel benefits you deserve without having to go through all the pain
•Star Alliance can give them to you immediately
•The media was of equal importance in order to mirror the business traveller’s journey
•The campaign includes:
–Press ads in business magazines and national newspapers
–Posters at London Heathrow Airport and Train Stations
–Taxis – livery, seat panels and receipts
–Leaflets on Heathrow Express Trains
–A Massage Area at London Heathrow
•As well as
–Direct mail to Corporate Sales Managers
–Direct mail to PAs of Senior Executives

Impact – Results
•There were 71,639 unique visitors to the dedicated website
•Of these, 30% registered with a Star Alliance airline
•Using an industry estimate for the annual value of a Gold/Silver traveller, the estimated return on investment is 90:1•Since this promotion, research conducted has shown that:
–45% of “new” members and 24% of “existing” members indicated that they had flown more with Star Alliance –25% of new Star Alliance members felt they would retain status
–The average redemption of members’ benefits offers was 50%
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2004
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