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We Choose The Moon

Industry: Culture, Recreation & Sport
Market:United States
Style: Minimalism
Describe the campaign/entry:
2009 marked the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Our brief was to honor that historic achievement as the realisation of JFK's dream to land a man on the moon, and bring that mission and his legacy to light for generations both new and old. We decided to return to the moon and bring the world with us by re-creating the Apollo 11 mission online in real-time. At precisely 9:32 AM on July 16, 2009, Apollo 11 took off again at, exactly 40 years after the historic mission. Eleven of the most important stages were portrayed using 3-D animation, and accompanying the visuals were 102 uninterrupted hours of mission audio. Over 450 photos and videos from the NASA Archive and JFK Library could be viewed throughout the trip. And 650 of the most interesting audio transmissions were rebroadcast via Twitter, exactly 40 years after they were said.

Give some idea of how successful this campaign/entry was with both client and consumer:
During the four-day journey, over 1.25 million unique visitors traveled to the moon, and 30,000 followed the mission on Twitter. Media coverage generated over 160 million impressions worldwide, including live coverage on CNN and countless stories in newspapers, websites and blogs. Eight months after launch, the site has received 3.7 million visits from 217 countries. Attendance at the JFK Presidential Library increased by 10% over previous years in 2009, keeping the JFK Library as one of the most popular of the presidential libraries.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.
As anticipation built around the anniversary, we launched a landing page where visitors could learn about the mission, watch President Kennedy's address that challenged a nation to land a man on the moon and share the site via social networks. We then began rebroadcasting the details of the mission and astronaut dialogue over Twitter. These would continue until the astronauts returned to Earth. On July 16, Apollo 11 launched just as it had 40 years ago, and 102 hours of continuous mission audio began. Tweets and retweets from the 30,000 Twitter followers reached 1 million additional people. After four days, on July 20, the astronauts landed on the moon. After July 20, the live experience converted to a self-guided tour where visitors could interact with the mission, audio, photos and videos at their own pace.
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Account Supervisor:
Other credit:Senior Developer: Mark Llobrera
Flash Developer: Chris Wise
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2010
Gold Titanium & Integrated
Titanium and Integrated
Clio Awards 2010
Public Service
D&AD 2010
Yellow Pencil
Digital Advertising: Digital Advertising Campaigns
International ANDY Awards 2010
Gold Digital
Public Service
London International Advertising Awards 2010
Bronze The New Category
The NEW Category
New York Festival International Advertising Awards 2010
Gold Digital and Interactive
Educational Institutions
The Art Directors Club Annual Awards 2010
ADC Hybrid
The Art Directors Club Annual Awards 2010
Gold ADC Hybrid
Interactive Website Non-Profit/Reference/Educational / Single
The Art Directors Club Annual Awards 2010
Silver ADC Hybrid
Interactive Website Design Non-Profit/Reference/Educational / Single
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