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Industry: Food
Media:Promotion & Event
Market:United Kingdom
Style: Minimalism
Describe the campaign/entry
Challenge: by 2012, the Great British Breakfast had changed beyond recognition - and understanding this change was vital to Warburtons, the UK’s #1 Bakery brand and a family owned business with long-standing commitment to meeting families’ needs; the challenge was to associate Warburtons with Breakfast, as part of a nationwide PR campaign.

Objectives: demonstrate understanding of the needs of the modern British family and associate the brand with Breakfast.

Strategy: commission independent research to understand the Great British Breakfast occasion - and identify PR opportunities to position Warburtons as a forward thinking breakfast brand.

Execution to outcome: the report covered all aspects of breakfast - media consumption, preferred foods, regional nuances and challenges consumers face in relation to breakfast. One key finding was that Brits find spreading cold butter straight from the fridge onto toast one of their biggest breakfast frustrations.

And as baker of the UK’s number one selling loaf, 'Toastie', Warburtons felt compelled to help solve this frustration by creating Warburtons Toastie Knife, a one-off branded prototype butter knife with heated, battery-powered element operating at 48ºC, the optimum temperature to soften butter - and launched it via traditional and social media, with supporting infographic, YouTube video and ‘#toastieknife’ hashtag.

The result: the nation talking about Warburtons in relation to breakfast, through national print, online and broadcast coverage, in-depth online and social media conversation, and global interest.

Warburtons senior brand manager: "Toastie Knife achieved the PR Holy Grail: getting people talking about our brand and products in general conversation."

Describe the brief from the client
Real consumer insight was required to develop a campaign that would resonate with consumers, generate word of mouth, ‘own’ the breakfast occasion on a national scale, targeting in particular two target audience groups:

1. ‘Bakery Bunch’: mass market mums aged 35-44 (social media is a key element in their lives)
2. ‘Wholesome Hearties’: empty nesters aged 45+

Results: 88 x branded news/feature items (100% positive) across all UK media; estimated 10,000 Twitter reach, 31,000 Facebook reach, estimated 20,000 Google+ reach; 100,000+ YouTube Views in seven days:

Campaign = 8:1 ROI (187m reach).

Subsequent independent research: 59% of respondents agreed more that Warburtons "is an innovative brand", 57% agreed more that Warburtons "responds to customers' needs".

Warburtons contacted by Madridfusion International Gastronomy summit organisers to announce it had won ‘design and technical innovation’ award.

Warburtons senior brand manager: "Toastie Knife achieved the PR Holy Grail: getting people talking about our brand and products in general conversation."

Marketing magazine published its iProspect Engagement Index (how much consumers interact with brands on Facebook) for the activity period: Warburtons scored 9.1%, indicating around one in 10 actively responded in previous week - making Warburtons THIRD most engaged-with brand among UK Facebook users.

Warburtons is considering taking Toastie Knife to market.

Independent research of 2,753 adults was conducted in March 2012, which was collated with insight from Kantar, Nielson and Him! data. This research was then used to create The Warburtons Great British Breakfast Report, an eight-page hardcopy report.

The big idea: Warburtons Toastie Knife - the world’s first heated butter knife, with battery-operated element. The name itself was picked to provide product association, as ‘Toastie Loaf’ is the UK’s number one selling bread.

A specialist agency was selected to produce a branded prototype, while supporting media collateral was created including press release, lifestyle photography, infographic, ‘#toastieknife’ hashtag and 90-second ‘How to spread the perfect slice of toast’ video.

The news story, with supporting collateral, was sold into national print, broadcast and online media - while the video was placed on YouTube and announced via Warburtons Facebook and Twitter accounts, to generate social media buzz.

The Situation
Warburtons is a fifth-generation family baker, and both the UK’s largest bakery brand and second biggest grocery brand, after Coca-Cola.

To help promote Bakery - and Warburtons - as first choice at breakfast, the campaign needed to associate Warburtons with breakfast AND place it at the forefront of consumers’ minds when making breakfast purchasing decisions.

The Strategy
To identify a tactical idea to help associate Warburtons with breakfast, it was vital to first identify a consumer need within the breakfast occasion via research - and then create a solution to the problem, with a tactic that would work in both traditional (print, broadcast and online) and social media. And all the while generate real talkability.

The activity ultimately needed to combine research and insight with a fun idea which could provide great media appeal - and as Warburtons is a company steeped in over 135 years of history, it also needed to be ‘forward thinking’ and innovative, ensuring the brand was associated with the modern breakfast experience.
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2013
Bronze PR
Consumer Goods, including FMCG and Household Products
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