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PR Coverage

PR Coverage | Graubünden's Small Villages | Jung von Matt
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Industry: Transport & Tourism
Media:Promotion & Event
Style: Minimalism

The “Small villages of Graubünden” set themselves the goal of raising awareness and reaching out topotential both Swiss and international holiday-makers by generate as much media coverage as possible.

By targeting bloggers and journalists who report on tourism-related topics or innovative internet phenomena and through them holiday-makers, the campaign aimed to generate 3,000 fans, 25 blog articles in broad-reaching, travel-related blogs, ten editorials in international media and a 50% increase in website traffic within 3 months.

The central element of the campaign: Facebook – the world's largest social media platform with high media relevance worldwide and so the perfect platform to project a big idea with the highest possible news value to be spread worldwide on a low budget.

Obermutten delivered on a promise to Facebook fans: each new “Like” on Facebook was proclaimed on the village’s official bulletin board with the fan’s profile picture. A variety of storylines developed interactions and news value. The social momentum was maintained after the "Like" by entertaining the fans regularly with updates, the source being the village mayor or the landlord of the restaurant.

The echo in both on- and offline media let 60 million people worldwide know about Obermutten. More than 15,000 fans made Obermutten one of the largest tourism fanpages on Facebook – more fans than many other big Swiss holiday resorts. Traffic on the homepage of the „Small villages of Graubünden“ increased by over 250%. Obermutten received 120 times more visibilty than was invested excludingsocial media.
Other credit:Advertising Manager: Thoma Gaudenz
Others/Credit: Rolf Helfenstein
EACA Euro Effies 2012
Gold Most Effective Use of Social Media Marketing
Most effective use of social media marketing
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