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Until We All Belong

Until We All Belong | Airbnb | BBDO
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Industry: Transport & Tourism
Media:Design & Branding
Style: Minimalism

Within 3 days of our campaign launching, Airbnb became the most mentioned brand in both Australian and global conversations around same-sex marriage. We rallied other major corporates to our cause, including ANZ, Qantas, eBay, PWC, Foxtel, Fairfax Media, Marie Claire, ARN (Australian Radio Network). Our initial allocation was sold out within the first 24 hours. So far, 200,000 rings have been sold and are continuing to be ordered at a rate of 1,700/day. From sports stars, to supermodels, to digital influencers, to politicians, to every day Australians – the Acceptance Ring is permeating all tiers of Australian culture. We propelled the same-sex marriage conversation back into the forefront of public consciousness with over 2,000,000 shares of same-sex marriage articles in the 2 months since launch alone. Despite the inherently divisive nature of this subject conversation around Airbnb’s initiative has been almost universely positive, with a sentiment score of 98% positive.

We wanted to go beyond just a short term spike in conversation that a traditional campaign of this sort may achieve – we wanted to create a movement that would not rest until same-sex marriage becomes law. To do this, we needed a symbol, something that could be immediately recognisable, allow people to show their support and spark the volume of conversation and societal pressure that would be required to help create legislative change. Our idea was to take one of the oldest symbols of marriage – the wedding ring – and turn it into a symbol for marriage inequality, the Acceptance Ring. The unique, matte black metal ring is an incomplete circle with the gap serving as a physical representation of the gap in same-sex marriage in Australia. Designed with support from world-renowned designer Marc Newson, it is intricately engraved with the words ‘Until We All Belong’ on its interior.

Australia is the last Western country in the world to ensure same-sex marriage by legalizing gay marriage. To the shame of many, politicians have decided to deny many this basic human right by turning it into a political bargaining chip, most recently cancelling plans for a national plebiscite on this issue that had been scheduled for the end of 2016. Airbnb are a company that stand for something much greater than just travel. The mission statement at the heart of the brand is to help create a world where anyone can belong anywhere, to foster openness and inclusivity and to share these values on with the world. For their first ever major campaign in Australia, they wanted to bring these core beliefs to life not just by saying it, but by bringing it to life through real world action.

Created with support from world-renowned designer Marc Newson, each ring has been carefully crafted and engraved with an inscription, “Until we all belong”. This unique design features an electroplated matte black finish and a signature 2.2mm gap symbolising the current inequality of marriage that we need to close within Australia. Until the day comes when two people who love each other can celebrate that love through commitment, wear this ring and show your acceptance of same-sex marriage. The ring comes in three sizes but flexible design allows for some adjustment in its size and fit.

Beginning with the concept of an incomplete black ring, we collaborated with designer Marc Newson and throughout an in-depth R&D process tested metals, finishes, engraving techniques and flexibility. Metal considerations were silver, brass and titanium but we settled on copper due to its flexibility. We elected to mould and electroplate the black finish after other techniques lead to chipping and illegibility of our type.
Chief Creative Officer:
Creative Director:
Account Supervisor:
Production Company:
Director of Photography:
Other credit:Entrant Company: CLEMENGER BBDO MELBOURNE, Australia
Media Agency: STARCOM, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Additional Company: AIRBNB, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Creative Chairman, James McGrath, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Executive Producer, Sonia von Bibra, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Senior Digital Designer, Adam Hengstberger, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Grade Artist / Colourist, Martin Greer, Freelancer
Creative, Tom McQueen, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Creative, George McQueen, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Executive Planning Director, Paul Rees Jones, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Senior Producer - Print, Craig Bulman, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Agency Producer - Digital, Cynthia Bons, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Digital Designer, Priya Stewart, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Head of Digital Imaging, Steve Pratt, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Technical Lead Developer, Sylvain Simao, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Offline editor - Pledge, Philip Horn, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Online editor, Andrew Packer, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Head of Social Media, Brie Stewart, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Music Track & Artist, Angus Macrae, Level Two Music/Electric Dreams
Executive Producer/ Head of Projects, Josh Mullens, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Managing Director/Executive Producer, Michael Ritchie, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Sound Engineer, Paul LeCouter, Flagstaff
Group Account Director, Nick Campion, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Head of Project Management, Lucy Grigg, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Brand Marketing Lead Australia & New Zealand, Ben Hallam, Airbnb
Brand Marketing Australia & New Zealand, Daniel Gervais, Airbnb
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Bronze Product Design
Product Design for Promotional Purposes
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