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Havas Media Group and PUMA Launch Inaugural OOH In-Motion Campaign

Havas Media Group and PUMA Launch Inaugural OOH In-Motion Campaign | Puma | Havas
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Industry: Retail & Distribution
Style: Minimalism
Havas Media Group drives full speed into the future of programmatic advertising with the launch of its latest campaign for PUMA in partnership with Firefly, the company leveraging taxi and rideshare vehicles to build a smart city media network. Using Firefly’s geotargeting technology, Havas Media will serve hyper-relevant content around the grand opening of PUMA’s retail store on Fifth Avenue in New York. This activation, the first and only optimized for ‘out-of-home in-motion,’ launches August 5 and runs through September 2, 2019. The campaign and media deal was facilitated by Whisk Agency.

Optimized for ‘in-motion,’ the campaign geo-targets consumers across different locations and times of day, delivering memorable, high-impact motion graphic content promoting the new stores address. Taxis will deliver this message to high-traffic areas including major airports, tourist attractions, athletic fields, and existing store zip codes. A first for PUMA, this campaign expands out-of-home (OOH) beyond fixed ads and insights, with its situationally aware digital smart screens determining campaign direction and ad frequency based on driver routes, area demographics, and traffic patterns.

Outdoor advertisement created by Havas, United States for Puma, within the category: Retail Services.
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