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Creme Egg Hunting Season

Creme Egg Hunting Season | Cadbury | Elvis
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Industry: Confectionery & Snacks
Market:United Kingdom
Style: Minimalism
Cadbury Creme Egg has partnered with some of the UK’s biggest brands to launch a takeover of out-of-home sites around London’s Waterloo Station. The initiative was developed in partnership with creative agency ELVIS.

The ad-takeover aims to build on the momentum behind this year’s Creme Egg Hunting Season campaign, which sees Cadbury Creme Egg hacking the ads of a number of brands across TV, digital, outdoor, print and in-store channels.

In a unique series of partnerships, Cadbury Creme Egg is offering people visiting the Waterloo Station area the chance to take part in a real-time ‘Easter egg’ hunt over the next two weeks. Creme Eggs will be hidden in ads from major brands including Heinz, Google, Honda, Knorr, Tesco, LADBible and Benefit Cosmetics, across 16 OOH Waterloo sites.

The sites feature a mix of Cadbury Creme Egg branding, cheeky clues, and partner ads, with the hunt offering passers-by the chance to win the elusive limited-edition White Cadbury Creme Egg - and a potential £10,000.

Outdoor advertisement created by Elvis, United Kingdom for Cadbury, within the category: Confectionery, Snacks.
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