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Sunlight Saves Water

Sunlight Saves Water | Unilever | The Hardy Boys
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Industry: Retail & Distribution
Media:Promotion & Event
Market:South Africa
Style: Minimalism

The #SunlightSavesWater campaign is ground-breaking for a number of reasons: the stand-out nature of the idea, the high level of engagement by consumers, the innovative use of traditional media – and, most importantly, the real benefit given to consumers and communities.It’s a campaign that has informed a brand’s social responsibility mission now – and into the future, forged a long-term platform and goal to strive towards, simultaneously boosting both functional credentials and equity. It’s rallied a nation around a crucial issue and offered real, tangible ways to help solve a national crisis … all thanks to a billboard.

Public reaction exceeded all expectation. Our billboard got the nation talking, voting and engaging. Online platforms, supported by traditional channels, sparked debate – and action – around the issue of water saving.The benefit to the Sunlight brand was the volume share increases as consumers switched to Sunlight to contribute to the water saving initiative. In terms of Business Outcomes, The key measure was a 550 basis point increase (5.5%) in category volume share between October and December 2016.Other measures of success were:-Social Media Engagement from an average of 100 a week to a peak of 3000 in the week of 24 October-100 000 votes for Potential Installation donations-250 000 engagements-10 million people reached51 million litres of water saved … so far

Situation: South Africa is experiencing its worst drought since 1904. Unilever’s biggest selling hand-wash powder brand, Sunlight, had just introduced new “SmartFoam” innovation which, by reducing foaming, saved up to half the rinsing water.Brief: We had to raise awareness of the water crisis and the need to save water, plus highlight the inherent water saving benefit of new “SmartFoam”. Objectives: Firmly associate the Sunlight brand with the idea of water saving.

“JOJO tanks” are giant water-saving tanks that attach to the guttering on buildings (especially in poorer communities) and collect water when it rains. The water is then stored in these giant tanks for later use. We made a billboard from JOJO tanks. And we made it part of a national conversation.Then, through various media channels, we got the public to vote for where they thought the JOJO tanks should go.We then dismantled the billboard, piece by piece, and delivered the JOJOs to where they were needed most – schools, community centers, clinics in the neediest areas – sharing our water-saving message while helping to solve a national crisis … and a real human need.

The initial billboard (made from 80 tanks) was constructed in September 2016. Then week by week the billboard was disassembled.As nominations came in, the billboard was deconstructed over a two-week period and the water tanks were distributed to, and installed, in 40 of the neediest community locations. Region-specific ALS (African Language Stations) were used to encourage people to vote for potential JOJO recipients in their specific geographic regions (Thematic Radio, DJ interactions, bumpers and live reads). Digital platforms and Mobile (USSD) enabled people to vote in the virtual world for where they thought the water-tanks should go in the real world.TVC commercials profiled the disassembly of the billboards and their destinations – communicating our social mission and encouraging participation. These were also posted on Youtube and supporting digital channels.A detailed channel breakdown (including specific timings) is included in the supplied PDF document.

Aimed at LSM B women (lower income women who do their washing by hand; cash-strapped; water supply is often costly and irregular especially in the grips of a drought), the strategic approach involved sparking a national conversation around the water crisis with a spectacular and highly unusual billboard along one of the busiest national highways. PR was the main driver of amplification and talkability, telling the human story of individual JOJO installations (and the communities) across multiple channels, notably digital. Strategically, PR generated interest on a national scale and amplified water scarcity and the saving message in a way that resonated with ordinary people –positioning Sunlight as a brand that could enable every South African to save water. A national celebrity was also used to endorse the initiative and drive momentum and consumer love.
Chief Creative Officer:
Account Supervisor:
Other credit:Entrant Company: THE HARDY BOYS, Durban, South Africa
Creative Group Head, Kevin Parry, The Hardy Boys
Creative Group Head, Peter Doubell, The Hardy Boys
Agency Producer, Tsakane Mogale, The Hardy Boys
Business Director, Susie Hart, The Hardy Boys
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
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