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Totally You

Totally You | Chevrolet | Leo Burnett
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Industry: Automotive & Services
Published:Oct. 1, 2008
Market:United Arab Emirates
Style: Minimalism
Launching a small cost effective car into a market saturated with high end luxury vehicles is hard enough at the best of times. Targeting that car at the image conscious and relatively wealthy youth makes it even harder. Chevrolet's challenge was to position what is ostensibly a rather ordinary compact Korean hatchback as having an X factor, cooler than the rest. 

Philosophy/SolutionTotally Street allows users to not only fully customize their own virtual Aveo5 online; it also allows the entrants who's creations have got the most votes to win the car they customized. Users can also take their customization to the extreme by adding random objects (disco balls, fridges, Jacuzzis etc) to the canvas to add a more expressive link between themselves and their vehicles.  

ResultsStill running, however through a combination of 3D animation, Papervision and Flash development a seamless user interface was created that pushes users through a rich kaleidoscope of interactivity.
The cars that users customize can be viewed from a full 360 degrees by virtue of Papervision's unique 3D functionality. GM's internal "Brand Health Monitor" preference and opinion showed mark able increases. The big surprise though was a 25% increase in consideration to purchase. 
Dubai Lynx Awards 2009
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