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Visit Britain

Visit Britain | Expedia | 180LA
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Industry: Transport & Tourism
Market:United States
Style: Minimalism
We designed and built a bespoke digital platform that gave users the ability to control their own journey through Britain entirely themselves. Five identical films were shot in five separate British locations. The parallel stories were identical in structure yet completely unique in their details. Users controlled their journey by swiping or using arrow keys to switch between locations at any time. In mobile, we utilized the gyroscope so users could simply turn their phone to switch between films.To make the storytelling seamless, all five films required matching framing and dialogue. This was all captured in camera, with no additional post-production or ADR utilized to make the films cut together perfectly. While users explored, we gathered live data on the locations they enjoyed most and offered curated recommendations on what to do and where to stay there. Clicking any of these recommendations took them directly to booking on Expedia.

We needed to show prospective American travelers that there is far more to Britain than just London. So we wanted to show both a broader and deeper view into the diversity throughout the country. In order to do so, we built a bespoke digital platform giving users the ability to control their journey through multiple British destinations entirely themselves. This allowed them to see both the subtle and stark differences between five different destinations. Strategically, this was designed to create an experience that allowed users to immerse themselves deeper as well as to go back and experience the journey multiple times, but in a new, unique way each time. While users explored, we gathered real time data on the locations they watched most, then offered curated hotel and activity recommendations in those locations. Clicking any of the recommendations took them directly to the booking process on Expedia.

Great Britain is the most popular overseas travel destination for Americans, yet most visitors never make it outside of London. Because of this, the country feels familiar and therefore, somewhat less exciting. Adding to the challenge was the current perception problem for Britain following the Brexit vote. We needed to overcome the cold, negative tone coming from the Brits themselves that was dominating international news.Our objective was to show Great Britain to Americans in a new light: to surprise prospective travelers by making it feel like a fresh, exotic destination they hadn’t seen before and therefore had to explore on their next vacation. And we took the Brexit issue head on by making the British people the stars of the campaign. Because no matter where you go in Britain, it’s the charming and quick-witted Brits you meet there that truly make Britain great.

Instead of following the usual tropes of tourism advertising, where a spokesman broadly claims their country has everything, we went local. We even got competitive with ourselves. We introduced five locals from all over Britain, each proudly claiming that their corner of the country was the only place travelers really needed to go. Five separate films ran in parallel on the site. Each featured a local taking the user through the identical story, yet with unique details and differences. By allowing users to interact and control the experience, it let them see the wide diversity of culture, sights and activities to discover in Britain.Also integral to the concept, the tone was crafted to be tongue in cheek, with a hint of subtle British humor. It was all aimed at reminding American travelers of the beloved British wit and charm that is world-renowned.

The results from the campaign exceeded all business targets. In the first six weeks, bookings, overall sales, and revenue had all increased, including 128,000 incremental bookings, a 6% sales increase and $1.6 million in revenue from bookings to Great Britain. Expedia also saw an increase in purchase behavior following the advertising of a specific destination, which rarely happens.
Chief Creative Officer:
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Account Supervisor:
Director of Photography:
Other credit:Entrant Company: 180LA, Santa Monica, USA
PR Agency: 180LA, Santa Monica, USA
Director of Integrated Production: Natasha Wellesley, 180LA
Director of Business Affairs: Loretta Zolliecoffer, 180LA
Digital Creative Director: Karan Dang, 180LA
Digital Producer: Ryan Schmidt, 180LA
Associate Creative Director: Florian Bodet, 180LA
Executive Producer: Craig Keppler, 180LA
Brand Manager: Allison Landrum, 180LA
Brand Manager: Jens Bracht, 180LA
Executive Producer: Luke Jacobs, Friend London
Executive Producer: Guy Rolfe, Friend London
On set VFX Supervisor: Pete Smith, Electric Theatre Collective
Executive Producer: Jonathan Sanford, Human
Composer: Per Hallberg, Formosa
Creative Lead: Thomas Davis, Unit9
Head of UX: Quentin Gauvrit, Unit9
UX Designer: Camille Theveniau, Unit9
UI Designer: Anton Skvortsov, Unit9
Motion Designer: Julian Faas, Unit9
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Gold Cyber
Interactive Video
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Bronze Mobile
Websites as a Product / Service
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