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Alissi Bronte Skincare / One-step cleanser

Alissi Bronte Skincare / One-step cleanser | Alissi Bronte | Creative ALO Media LLC
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Headline: "One-step Cleanser makes skin beauty an art."

Post Copy:

Our one-step cleanser doesn’t need a banana but combines sweet orange, sunflower seeds and ivy extracts to clean your skin in one go, after your most-intensive make-up. Toning and detoxifying your skin so you can bask in a radiant glow. Leaving you as pretty as a picture.
Creative rationale:

Alissi Bronte is known for its Spanish brand of premium skincare products - making any face of any colour or texture, virtually a piece of art through its artistic creams for foundations and finishes almost with an artist brush. We leveraged a hot trending topic: Catellan's banana art stuck with tape. By visually changing the context, we connected the fruity extracts of the brand's one-step cleanser to the news.
Industry: Beauty & Health
Published:Dec., 2019
Market:United Arab Emirates
Style: Minimalism
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Other credit:Content Head: Cherry Koshy
Client servicing: Pallavi
CEO: Samit Athavale
Digital Media Head: Akhiraj Sengupta
Director of Operations: Dimple Athavale
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