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Bearded Icarus

Industry: Culture, Recreation & Sport
Market:South Africa
Style: Minimalism

SFX: 'Epic' soundtrack runs under the narrator throughout the spot.Narrator: He had it all, literally. On his hard drive.Gigabytes of godlike power. He and he alone decided who got movie files at the office.He summitted heights of cool his kind had never dared dream of, but like a sweaty bearded Icarus in a Slipknot t-shirt he fell back to earth.After countless movie files with out of sync audio, people once again started watching movies as they are meant to be seen, at a Ster-Kinekor Movie theatre.Now they only call him when the projector doesn’t work in the boardroom.Ster-Kinekor – Great moments at their greatest.

In South Africa, 75% of new film releases are being watched outside of cinemas. We needed to find a way to promote the benefits of seeing a movie in a cinema and our insight revolved around being honest about the way people are getting and watching movies - acknowledging that people are watching on small screens, with bad quality copies they got from their “guy”. We set our campaign in a world where once-powerful IT guys who used to decide who got to watch what, had now fallen from grace. The act of giving the people too many bad digital copies had turned the office against them and their reign was over. By humorously reminding people about the inferiority of copied digital formats, and the uncomfortable obligations around getting these files, we strengthened the case for seeing movies the way they’re meant to be seen - in our cinemas.

Through an ‘epic’ narration, the spot tells the story of an IT guy that reaches new social heights due to his ability to provide his colleagues with ripped and torrented movies – only to fall from grace when, after too many badly-formatted downloads they stop relying on him to supply content and rediscover the joy of watching movies the way they are meant to be seen – at a Ster-Kinekor Theatre.
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Account Supervisor:
Production Company:
Other credit:Entrant Company: FoxP2, Cape Town, South Africa
Agency Producer, Katherine Tripp, FoxP2 Cape Town
Agency Producer, Joshua Michael, FoxP2 Cape Town
Business Director, Kaylin Mendes, FoxP2 Cape Town
Marketing Director, Bradley Knowles, Ster-Kinekor
Brand Manager, Darren Hampton, Ster-Kinekor
Sound Engineer, Arnold Vermaak, We Love Jam
Voice Artist, Bob Chapel, Freelance
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Shortlist Radio
Entertainment & Leisure
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