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Draw and Release

Industry: Electronics & Audio-Visual
Style: Minimalism

To appeal the new waterproof function of the Galaxy S7 edge smartphone, we needed to create a physical sensory experience, which is not possible with TV commercials. We developed "DRAW and RELEASE" as content for the Galaxy Studio, an event to appeal Galaxy brand products. DRAW and RELEASE was implemented in the Galaxy Studios in 5 locations: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Hong Kong. More than 250,000 visitors attended in total.

For consumers, submerging a smartphone in water is the worst possible experience. By making that submersion an entertaining experience, we aimed to communicate the waterproof function in a positive light. This surprising experience was made up by drawing a picture on a Galaxy S7 edge with dedicated app installed, submerging the phone in water to bring life to the picture, and watching the fish move out of the screen.

By making it an attraction that could be enjoyed together with children, we were able to provide a great experience to many of our main target, millennials, both male and female parents in their 20's - 40's.

We were able to communicate the superiority of the waterproof function to consumers, with an impact by presenting the ordinarily negative experience of submerging a smartphone in water, in reverse light. Competing products also have the same function, but Galaxy was able to provide an experience closer to consumers. *If the number of participants are known, list them.

We were able to cross reality with virtual reality by designing an experience that consists of a tank with actual water in it, and releasing a fish into it. By improving the accuracy of the mechanism that uses the change in Wi-Fi radio wave strength, produced by submerging the smartphone in a water tank, we were able to design a natural experience for consumers, releasing a fish in the water. In addition, by archiving and creating a gallery of drawings from the experience, we were able to design a mechanism to pique the interest of passersby as well.
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Account Manager:
Production Company:
Sound Design:
Other credit:Entrant Company: TOHOKUSHINSHA FILM CORPORATION, Tokyo, Japan
Additional Company: AID-DCC, Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Manager, Ryohei Kaneko, TOHOKUSHINSHA FILM CORPORATION
Technical Director/Programmer, Junya Yamada, coconoe inc.
Application Engineer, Shunjiro Miyauchi, YAYA Inc.
The One Show 2018
Merit Interactive
Innovation in Interactive / Experiential
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Silver Cyber
Spatial Tech
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