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Industry: Alcoholic drinks
Media:TV & Cinema
Market:United States
Style: Minimalism
Brief Explanation:
Bud Light created a massive hidden-camera stunt that plucked a real guy from what he thought was a real New York City bar. By saying "yes" to one fateful question, he found himself having a night no one would believe – if it all wasn't secretly being filmed and broadcast online to the entire world.

58 hidden cameras tracked the guy's real reactions as he was led through 17 locations. His journey was riddled with twists and turns: identical twins, false walls, random celebrities, bachelorettes, a llama – each experience more unexpected than the last. And all filmed in one epic take.

Creative Execution:
One of the biggest challenges of this film was the sheer scale of it all. It required us to build a hidden-camera network requiring the coordination of 412 actors, hundreds of crew members, 58 cameras, 17 locations (including moving vehicles), an exotic animal in a confined space, and the unpredictable reactions of a real, unsuspecting guy who had no idea what was happening.

Every environment was customized with special camera hides, false walls with two-way mirrors, “lipstick” cams, and security footage, all working together to tell the story without ever revealing cameras or a crew. We occupied a hollow skyscraper and built out customized floors from scratch, coaxed a llama into a small elevator, followed exterior movements by helicopter, and triggered a carefully timed wall collapse, and staged a 500-person concert all in the span of one hour.

And to keep the experience authentic for both our nonactor and film audience, it all had to be shot in one take.
Chief Creative Officer:
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Director of Photography:
Sound Design:
Other credit:Director Of Integrated Production: David Rolfe
Account Team: Jeff Adkins/Kevin Bogusz/Sean Brewster/Emily Eisenberg/Zane Chao/Debbie Amsden/L
Managing Director: Brendan Kiernan
Supervising Producer: Chris Rouchard
Line Producer: Paula Cohen
Assistant Editors: Nick Divers/Mike Rizzo/Patrick Blumer
Mixers: Philip Loeb/Keith Reynaud/Jodi Levine
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2014
Gold Film Craft
Achivement in Production
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