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Hailstorm in Istanbul

Industry: House, Garden & Pets
Style: Minimalism

On the 27th of June 2017, a major storm hit Istanbul and damaged many cars parked outside. In June 2018, when authorities warned citizens that a new hailstorm had been coming, people took “serious” precautions, like covering cars with carpets.

Describe the creative idea

IKEA shared a post about the storm and parked cars covered with IKEA carpets on them and turn the cars into o display for their products.

Describe the strategy

People’s reaction against to the storm was a great opportunity for IKEA to create a disruptive product displays which fits the brand’s tone of voice.

Describe the execution

As a real time response, IKEA shared a post about the hailstorm precautions of car owners.Then cars covered with IKEA carpets on the streets as guerilla outdoors.

List the results

The project reached 2.6 million people.
The post got more than 95.000 likes and 4000 comments. (Regular posts on the IKEA’s Instagram account gets average 2-3k likes.)
IKEA’s instagram account gained more than 35000 new followers.
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2019
Bronze Mobile
Real-time Response
The One Show 2019
Bronze Pencil Social Media
Social Post / Real-time Response
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