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Mate From The Past. 1944 Live.

Industry: Public interest & Non-profit
Media:Ambient & Interactive
Style: Minimalism
Describe the campaign/entry:
To protect the momentous events from the Warsaw Uprising from turning into a dusty card of Polish history we managed to harness new technologies to bend time and go back to 1944. We created profiles of two 'insurgents': Sosna 24 and Kostek 23, who were telling their story of everyday experience 'live from the Uprising' on Facebook. We created a virtual diary enriched with pictures, songs from that time and paradocumentary films shot with mobiles. Sosna & Kosek became one of the most popular individuals on Polish Facebook with almost 4,000 friends, who commented their 800 posts and took part in 1,512 hours of vivid discussions on the Uprising.

Describe the brief from the client:
The goal of the campaign was to get across the history of Warsaw Uprising to young people, especially inhabitants of Warsaw. Getting them to understand what their counterparts felt 65 years ago and revive the history of the Warsaw Uprising. To create a narrative which would make people eagerly wait to see what happens at the end, to engage them and revive their historical curiosity.

Our heroes shortly became one of the most popular individuals on Polish Facebook. Together they had almost 4,000 friends, who commented their 800 posts, took part in 1,512 hours of vivid discussions on the uprising. Among them there were celebs, artists, journalists and most valuably to us – young people who 'lived' our history. The honorable patronage of The President of Warsaw and millions of people who found out about Sosna and Kostek through reports on TV, radio, press and internet and 3,000 people who experienced the death of one of their friends.

Sosna & Kostek used the language of the young people then to tell the story of their everyday experiences and put up pictures showing the atmosphere of the time. Using FB tools we created a virtual diary enriched with pictures, links, quizzes, songs from that time, paradocumentary films shot with mobile phones. Thus we managed to harness the new technologies to bend the time and go back to 1944 for a short while as well as really interact with young people making them vividly discuss historical events. The whole action lasted for 63 days - exactly as long as the Uprising lasted in real life.

The Situation:
The Warsaw Uprising, a 63 day-long fight between the citizens of Warsaw and German occupants which took place over August 1944, is one of the most dramatic and tragic happenings in Polish modern history. Unfortunately it is slowly falling into oblivion, especially among those who don't remember these events. As the 65th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising was approaching, the Promotion Department of the City of Warsaw was willing to prepare a campaign which would go beyond the standard celebrating and make these historical events meaningful to the young generation.

The Strategy:
It is known that the stories told by a friend are the ones most eagerly listened to so the best way to get young people is by reaching them somewhere they spend most of their free time - on Facebook. That is why in connection with the 65th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising we created two profiles on Facebook: Sosna 24 (Sosna Dwadzieściacztery) and Kostek 23 (Kostek Dwadzieściatrzy). They were a couple of young Warsaw inhabitants who 'by bending time' were telling the story of their everyday experiences 'live' from 1944, for 63 days from the beginning until the end of the Uprising, 24 hours non stop as if it happened today. We created a detailed scenario which lead those two fictitious characters through the real happenings of the Warsaw Uprising.
Creative Director:
Account Manager:
Other credit:Digital PR: Norbert Kilen
Head of Media Department: Dorota Ciszek
Public Relations: Aleksandra Biardzka
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2010
Silver PR
Sectors & Services/Public Sector
EPICA (Europe's Premier Creative Awards) 2009
Winner (Gold)
Media Innovation - Traditional Media
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