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Fly On The Living BedRoom Wall

Industry: House, Garden & Pets
Market:South Africa
Style: Minimalism

A teenage boy finally has a girl in his room. He thinks he’s alone with her; he thinks this is the perfect opportunity to score that first kiss. Unfortunately, the young couple are not alone. There are two flies on the wall watching them, watching every nervous giggle and fumbled grope. And these flies are perfectly content to offer a particularly honest commentary of these private events. These flies have seen too much. They need to be killed with fast, deadly Doom Insecticide.

FLY 1:And we’re coming to you live from a poster on the wall of Steven’s bedroom. FLY 2:This is a glorious day for a home game, arguably the under 13 first kiss event of the decade. FLY 1:That’s right. Underarm conditions: a touch humid. FLY 2:I don’t think there’s a dry pit in the house, Ken. FLY 1:It’s understandable, Paul. I mean a lot of bounce on the throat nubbin – dead giveaway for the old yawn into stretch and shoulder grab combo. That’s a classic.FLY 2:His form: not quite on point. But you can’t argue with those results. He has the opposition right where he wants her: locked between pit and palm.FLY 1:Exactly. I mean, look at that circular, caressing motion. Man, that is some sexy circling.FLY 2: And yet, he’s unlikely to find boobage that far north. But he’s sure showing this girl’s shoulder a good time.FLY 1:Hold the phone! He’s going in! Eyes closed. Mouth open at full extension. (SFX: Kissing)FLY 2:That is a generous use of tongue. FLY 1:Nailing it with that full facial actionFLY 2:Ah, the sweet sucking sound of success. This is just beautiful.ANN:Flies see too much. Kill them …(SFX:Doom Spray.)ANN:…with fast. Deadly. Doom.
Chief Creative Officer:
Executive Creative Director:
Art Director:
Production Company:
Other credit:Entrant Company: TBWA\HUNT\LASCARIS, Johannesburg, South Africa
Agency Producer, Kim Hunt, TBWA \ Hunt Lascaris
Business Unit Director, Debbie Pienaar, TBWA \ Hunt Lascaris
Sound Engineer, Lorens Persson, Sterling Sound
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