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Dermaclinix - The Scientist

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Style: Minimalism

V/O: You become the youngest rocket physicist to join the most prestigious space programme in the country. Man: Oh that bald guy! (SFX: Rocket taking off)V/O: In no time, you create a new way to launch rockets into space saving 70% fuel. Man 1: That bald guy. V/O: You start going around with the hottest female scientist in the organisation.Woman: That bald guy! V/O: Soon you make your own one man rocket and launch into space all on your own.(SFX: Rocket taking off)Man 2: That bald guy! V/O: During your space travel you send pictures of you entering a black hole and then coming out of it.(SFX: Sound inside a rocket in outerspace)Man: Ya that bald guy!V/O: You become the first man to discover alien life.Man 3: That bald guy. (SFX: Crowd clapping)V/O: You return to the earth and are awarded every prize possible in the scientific world including the Nobel.Man 4: O yeah! That bald guy. (MUSIC starts)V/O: Dermaclinix hair transplant clinic - visit us before you become…Group: That bald guy...V/O: ...forever!V/O: Call 888 222 7080

What hurts a bald person the most? Well, it is to know that people refer to him as a ‘baldie’, ‘that bald guy’ etc., behind their back. We took a leap from there and created two spots about how baldness may become the only thing you are known for.
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Production Company:
Other credit:Entrant Company: McCANN WORLDGROUP INDIA, Mumbai, India
Executive Chairman & Regional ED AP, Prasoon Joshi, McCann World Group
National Creative Director, Prateek Bhardwaj, McCann Worldgroup
Creative Group Head, Samrendra Upadhyay, McCann Worldgroup
Technical Producer, Dinesh Dabas, Content Factory, Delhi
The One Show 2018
Merit Radio
Broadcast / Any Length - Single
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Bronze Radio
Healthcare & Pharmacy
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