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Love Story

Love Story | Telefónica | Y&R
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Industry: Professional & Public services
Style: Minimalism

All the spread was from Movistar´s Facebook and Youtube as the main channels. In two weeks we got in YouTube 704,000 views and 6,900,000 views in our Facebook page , with a great level of engagement 85,000 likes & 19,000 comments from the entire audience.We had coverage of important media such as NEWS, parenting publications, and specialized press, but the most important was the generation of conversation on an issue that is often overlooked, but increasingly will have a greater impact on childhood.Later, considering media coverage (SDP Noticias, Milenio, El Universal, LatisSpots, Creativity-Online, TheStable, AdLatina, LaVanguardia, La Razón, El País de los Jóvenes, and many others we got 30, 408,300 views, which means over 97,000,000 of minutes viewed, in only two weeks.

One of our CSR pillars is called “Movistar Conscience” which is about promoting secure and responsible use of telecommunications, and especially social networks, and as one of the leading telcos in Mexico and Latin America, Movistar takes this very seriously, specially when considering young people.Mexico is the country of the world with a greatest penetration of social networks between users of internet, and a very high daily use: an average of 8.6 hours a day. In addition, this high penetration is explained by the participation of children, who generally do it without parental supervision. Our main objective was to generate awareness about the dangers that exist in social networks and to educate in their responsible use.

It’s a piece, which tells a love story in modern times with modern problems.

Our social media campaign was launched on April, National Children’s month.Since the beginning we published the video in Movistar’s Facebook page and Youtube channel, and immediately after, we were picked organically by a steady stream of major ad publications such as Creativity Online and AdLatina, but also and more important, we were picked by a great amount of Mexican and international digital newspapers as El Universal, Vanguardia and Milenio, La Razón among others. Until today we have been published in more than 22 different pages, all this organically.

April is the national children´s month in México so everybody is willing to discuss the issues that concern children. We were able to listen in different social networks and identify that one of the main issues currently being discussed around childhood is how children today are exposed to sexual predators and how vulnerable they are to situations of abuse or harassment in the online world. So we lauched our video in the middle of this conversation.First we wanted to reach the adolescents, for what we consider as the main YouTube, since we saw that although they are still watching TV, they consider that YouTube is the source where everything is. (70% of them recognize spending more than 2 hours a day watching videos on Youtube). And secondly we wanted to reach the entire population, since we consider that it is an issue that concerns us all as a society.
Chief Creative Officer:
Creative Director:
Account Supervisor:
Production Company:
Other credit:Entrant Company: Y&R MEXICO, Mexico City, Mexico
Chief Executive Officer, Héctor Fernández, Y&R Mexico
General Creative Director, Karla Santa Anna, Y&R Mexico
VP Planning, Natalia Berrio, Y&R Mexico
Agency Producer, Juan Pablo Osio, Y&R Mexico
Managing Director, Alan Suárez, Wabi Productions
Managing Executive Producer, Denise Mendoza, Wabi Productions
Executive Producer, Melissa Brown, Wabi Productions
Film Director, Andrew Lang, Wabi Productions
Music Artist, Flora Cash, Flora Cash
VP Client Services, Adriana Veytia, Y&R Mexico
Global Chief Creative Officer, Tony Granger, Y&R
Brand & Marketing Director, Karely Munárriz, Telefónica Movistar
Music Stylist, Jesper Gadeberg, Wabi Productions
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
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