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Kingdom of All Things

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Industry: Internet sites & Services
Published:Oct., 2019
Style: Minimalism
JD.COM which is one of the largest Chinese e-commerce company wanted a promotional film for its National Day marketing to depict the wide range of domestic products available on their extensive platform.

This advertising commercial project was undertaken and produced by VHQ, directed by award-winning Malaysian film director Michael Wong, with animation and visual effects supervised by VHQ VFX supervisor Liujie. It took nearly 1.5 months from start to finish with the common efforts of storyboard artists, art director, modelers, animators, special effects artists, riggers, lighting artists, VFX supervisor and compositors.

A fully 3D animation, this charming spot combines vividly animated ‘Joy’ the mascot character with a spectacular visual journey to illustrate the prosperity of the great land; thriving with fantastic domestic products and Joy's fascination with all these magical landscapes – underscoring the ‘Kingdom of All Things' concept.

Let Joy takes you on a wonderful journey to the 'Kingdom of All Things'!
Art Director:
Production Company:
Post Production:
Other credit:Executive Producer: Sun Bing, Li Feng
VFX Supervisor: Liu Jie
VFX Producer: Iris Huang
Online: See Tho Jen Hoe, Wang Delong
Artists: Sun Fengjiao, Zhang Lingling, Fang Yudi, Xu Yuanhang, Jiang Qiwei, Qi Guohui, Zhao Jinwei, Cao Fuyong, Yi Zhuochao, Wang Zhi, Ma Guodong, Li Junlin, Hu Mingzhong, He Peng, Ren Jing, Zhang Bofei, Tan Yong, Huang Xiaojun, Li Tong, Yang Guanqiang, Tian Fuguo, Wang Wei, Bi Jun, Liu Qian, Han Lulu, Zhang Zhenhua, Zhao Huan, Yan Ming, Zhao Shengnan, Zhao Wei
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