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Volts by Volvo

The next step in electrified driving, Volvo offers green energy contract for your house.

A survey conducted by Volvo Cars Belgium shows that 56% of drivers of electrified cars are not aware of the origin of their electricity. 12% even admit that they charge their car with grey energy. In answer to this discrepancy, FamousGrey came up with the idea of Volts by Volvo, a green energy contract for your house, enabling you to charge your car with green energy. With Volts by Volvo, car manufacturer Volvo extends its services from producing electrified cars to offering a green energy contract to charge those cars. Because what’s the point in driving electrified, when your energy isn’t clean?
Charge clean, drive cleaner
Volts by Volvo was launched at the opening of the Brussels Motorshow. It is part of Volvo’s broader view on driving electrified. Volts by Volvo will be the most competitive green energy contract for your house on the market, offering energy coming from both wind energy and solar energy. For now, Volts by Volvo is only available in Belgium, where Volvo offers the energy contract and green energy expert Eneco is the provider.
The goal of Volts by Volvo is to stimulate drivers of electric and plug-in hybrid cars to charge their car without leaving an impact on the environment.
Industry: Automotive & Services
Published:Jan., 2019
Style: Minimalism
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Production Company:
Director of Photography:
Sound Design:
Other credit:Client contacts: Balder D’hondt, Lolita Swanet, Thomas Makay
Client PR contact: René Aerts Jr.
Eneco contact: Kristof Van Genck, Jurgen Vandervelde
Executive CD: Peter Ampe, Jonathan Detavernier
Creative Team: Marc Richard Vander Heyden, Diederik Jeangout
Experience Director: Maarten Breda
Strategy: Maarten Van Daele
Project Leader: Barbara van Huis, Matthias Roose
Brand Leader: Barbara van Huis
Business Director: Carola Michiels
Digital Business Director: Joachim François
PR Manager: Kathy Van Looy, Laure Vandeghinste, Déborah De Klerck
Market research: by iVox
Development: Arno Van Biesen
Digital Project Manager: Kurt Van Nieuwenhove
Online design: Greg Ellinger
Logo design : Aldjia Bessalah
Media buying: Kelly Maes
Production Director: Emily Rammant
RTV-producer: Loes Fierens
Sound Engineer: Eli Sundermann
Sign production: Willy Hebbrecht
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