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Calendar of Pain

Calendar of Pain | Salud sin Filas | MullenLowe
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Industry: Public interest & Non-profit
Media:Direct Market
Published:Jan. 17, 2017
Market:Costa Rica
Style: Minimalism

-More than a thousand people joined our cause by telling their stories on our Facebook profile or web page.-The public entity that provides the health service decided to invest 8.5% from their current budget to renovate buildings and medical equipment.-The same entity will hire 283 medical specialists in 2017, which means an increase of 600% from last year.-$ 730,000 in PR value was generated without any investment from the movement and helped inform people about the issue.- Presidential candidates even addressed the issue as part of their campaign promises for next year’s election- The entity announced that 22 000 pending surgeries will be performed this year

SituationIn Costa Rica, there are people who have waited as long as 9 years for medical appointments, or have died while waiting. More that one million cases have been reported in a country with a population of only 4.8 million. Brief Politicians, the only people who can do something to change this situation, and who have been ignoring it for a long time. That’s why we have to make it evident to them, and to the entire country, in order to demand a solution. ObjectivesFace politicians with this problem in order to demand a change to reduce the long waits for medical appointments.

With a single action we managed to revive an issue and force an answer from the only people than can really make a change in our country, the politicians. We provided evidence for a problem that was previously only known to the public health institution. This evidence motivated the local media and population to apply pressure for change, which made it impossible for congress to ignore.

The Calendar of Pain was created to make public, for the first time, the medical files of patients left waiting.

We gathered the files by means of the fan page of the social movement Salud sin Filas.We created the Calendar of Pain and made 500 copies.On January 16, the first working day for politicians, we delivered 57 copies in congress.On January 17, we sent copies to all the media.The 18th, 19th and 20th of January, the Calendar of Pain sparked conversation on the country’s main media.Candidates for presidency addressed the subject in their campaigns.On February 27, only a month later, the entity spoke announcing the employment of 283 specialists to diminish waiting lists. An increase of 600% from the annual employment percentage.On the 1st of April, the entity announced it will invest 8.5% of its healthcare budget on equipment and infrastructure.Also 5 hospitals in the country will start an emergency plan to perform 22,000 surgeries that had been waitlisted until now.

First we created a direct line of communication through our Facebook page that allowed people to share with us their cases from the waiting list of the public health institution. This showed patients that they weren’t the only ones to suffer from this problem, and it exposed the subject through the social network.We established a PR strategy in which we created different pressure points. We delivered the calendar directly to the main media, journalists, and public figures and also force the public health institution to look for a solution for the people who were still on the waiting list. And that’s how we reached the ones we really wanted to, the Costa Rican politicians.
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Other credit:Creative Supervisor: Jonathan Sánchez
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Shortlist Health & Wellness
Pro-Bono led Education & Awareness
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
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