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Pregnancy Test

No Kids. NoTouran
Industry: Automotive & Services
Media:TV & Cinema
Published:Apr. 12, 2003
Style: Minimalism
The 3 films for the launching of the Volkswagen Touran stage young men eager to become fathers. They will do anything provided that goes quickly. And yet no need for alibis, and even less than being the father of a large family to be able to drive a Touran. The young women, who are confronted with this sudden desire of Touran from their sycophants, are not taken in and the Volkswagen brand will reassure all this small world by proclaiming at the end of the films "No need to have children to drive a Touran". End of the debate.
The moral of the story: the new Volkswagen Touran proves to be the only microvans able to seduce single people. The signature "No kids. No Touran" is here to remind it to those who still wouldn't have understood.


Volkswagen and Louis XIV DDB have orchestrated a very ambitious launching campaign meant to "make up for lost time". As a matter of fact, launching the Touran on a highly competitive segment, 7 years after having launched the first Renault Scénic, needed an up to the situation campaign with a strategic concept available in TV, press, poster and radio, as well as a very complete below the line marketing plan (events, partnership, multi-targeted direct marketing, teasers and internet pre-order system).
On arriving today on the segment, Touran constitutes the most comprehensive offer of the microvans segment and managed to become THE reference in terms of safety, habitability, modularity, number of seats, level of equipment and motorizations.


The arrival of the Touran, the new Volkswagen's microvan, should considerably disrupt the eveyday life of single people and other young couples without child. Not all of them, but undoubtedly the Touran should support an increase in the birth rate for those who are convinced that it is necessary to have children to buy themselves a Touran. The chatting up of young mothers in the shopping centres and the consumption of pregnancy tests should literally explode.
The Volkswagen Touran should seduce more than a family, with or without any children.
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Account Supervisor:
Account Manager:
Production Company:
Other credit:Agency Producer Agathe Michaux
Advertising Manager Yves Moulin, Patrick Fourniol, Caroline Méchaï
The International Automotive Advertising Awards (IAAA) 2003
Passenger Cars Intermediate/Large Television
Eurobest - The European Advertising Festival 2003
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