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Industry: Culture, Recreation & Sport
Market:South Africa
Style: Minimalism

RADIO TALKSHOW HOST: What energy crisis? It's total hippie nonsense..MV: That’s it. The earth has officially run out of fuel.Down goes the power and with it, that guardian of all knowledge: the Internet.(MUSIC: tense, circus-like)Years of dependence on the cloud have turned our brains to cellulite, so now we’re proper stupid.We start to struggle with simple things like opening beer bottles and controlling our saliva.Baffled by anatomical complexities such as what goes where, we stop procreating.And just as well, given our tremendous nicompoopedness.Millions die in tragic scissor-running accidents, but who's counting?No one. 'Cos no one can count anymore.Instead of village idiots, we now have idiot villages.We spend our time foraging for wild mushrooms and telling knock-knock jokes to our imaginary new unicorn friends. Human intelligence plummets so low, we ironically no longer understand the concept of gravity.MV2: Haha! Last one off the cliff's a pawpaw. MV: Says the chief numbnut. And with that, we proceed to collectively win the very last Darwin award. ANN'CR: The future’s coming.So travel before it's not fun anymore, with Student Flights.

This radio commercial describes what the future would be like if we ran out of fuel and, as a result, electricity. It's a world where no one has any fun and nothing works anymore, especially not the Internet. The result of which is that people get really stupid, really quickly. Humans can't even do the simplest things like counting or procreating. Naturally, humanity's utter stupidity ultimately leads to our (quite literal) downfall, as the last remaining humans jump off a cliff, oblivious to the terminal consequences of gravity, something we no longer understand. The spot, for youth travel specialists Student Flights South Africa, encourages students to travel sooner rather than later, in line with the brand's longstanding platform, 'travel before it's not fun anymore.'
Executive Creative Director:
Art Director:
Production Company:
Other credit:Entrant Company: TBWA\HUNT\LASCARIS, Johannesburg, South Africa
Radio Producer, Kim Hunt, TBWA \ Hunt Lascaris
Business Unit Director, Bridget Langley, TBWA \ Hunt Lascaris
Sound Engineer, Louis Enslin, Produce Sound
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Shortlist Radio
Sound Design
Latest Updated