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Slow Down. Take it easy
Industry: Public interest & Non-profit
Media:TV & Cinema
Style: Minimalism
For the first time in four years, the number of annual traffic-related deaths in Switzerland grew in 2007, with 4% more casualties than in the previous year. In response to this increase, the Federal Program for Road Safety commissioned the Swiss Insurance Association, the Fund for Traffic Safety, and the Council for Accident Prevention to launch a joint campaign against speeding, mainly targeting the 18-30 year old population.

But how do you get an unpopular and altogether unattractive message such as “drive slower” across to the younger generation in a way that makes them listen?

The aim was to launch a campaign that the target group could relate to. The “Slow Down. Take it Easy” Facebook page exceeded the desired target of 25,000 fans, instead gaining 235,000. The theme song, recorded by Franky Slow Down, was played on MTV and 33 different radio stations and peaked at number 5 in the Swiss singles chart. Over 1 million views on You Tube, brand awareness at 88.5% for the target audience and an advertising equivalent of over € 1.5 million through contact generation and media coverage, “Slow Down. Take it easy” really made young people sit up and listen.
EACA Euro Effies 2011
Best Integration of Social Media Effectiveness
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