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Industry: Financial & Legal services
Media:Promotion & Event
Market:United States
Style: Minimalism
Describe the campaign/entry:
Today, an entire generation is redefining retirement as a time to do what you love. Instead of just telling people about this, we gave real retirees the chance to prove it themselves.

Introducing Chapter Two, a campaign about retirees, made by retirees.

Campaign Success:
Chapter Two wasn’t only a campaign to help prove a point, but a campaign to inspire everyone to take a second look at retirement, and realize that it can be a time worth preparing for.

On just the first day of the launch, Chapter Two got covered on AdAge, InvestorPoint, Global Advisors, and was featured as pick of the day on Creativity Online. On average, people spend 5 minutes on the website discovering its many Chapter Two stories.

Launched & Execution:
Chapter Two began with Carol Lewis, retired postal worker, directing a documentary about how true passions never die. Additionally, her film was produced by John Marias, a retired business executive, and featured a soundtrack composed by Martin Welling, a retired IT director.

Later Mike Tiscia, retired bank examiner turned water-color painter, created our out-of-home. And Robert L. Pillsbury, retired architect turned cut-paper artist, created our online advertising.

For the red carpet event at the Cannes International Film Festival, Francesca Azzara, retired real estate agent, partnered with one of the world’s hottest designers, Marchesa, to create a dress for Naomi Watts.

Even the radio commercials featured music by Peter Herbst, retired magazine editor turned musician, and voiceovers by Flynn Jones, retired middle school chemistry teacher, and David Satkowski, retired New Jersey police officer.

And every single story was featured and drove back to
Chief Creative Officer:
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Account Supervisor:
Other credit:Creative Chairman: David Droga
Chief Creation Officer: Sally/Ann Dale
Head Of Broadcast Production: Ben Davies
Senior Broadcast Producers: Scott Chinn/Anders
Technical Director: David Justus
Executive Interactive Producer: Amber Wimmer
Head Of Brand Strategy: Teodor Florea
Head Of Art Production: Cliff Lewis
Senior Art Producer: Julia Menassa
Directors: Martin/Lindsay
Composers: Sion Dey/Martin Welling/Barking Owl
Additional company: Interrogate, HSI
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2014
Bronze Titanium & Integrated
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