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PZP_4 Jardins du Louvre

PZP_4 Jardins du Louvre | Paris Zoological Park | Publicis
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Paris Zoo Park, a new species of zoo
Industry: Culture, Recreation & Sport
Published:Apr., 2014
Style: Minimalism
For the opening of the Paris Zoological Park
Publicis Conseil is bringing wild animals back to Paris

After a 6 year closure and comprehensive renovation, the Zoological Park is inviting visitors to attend an exceptional event. As the only zoo in the world that has been completely rebuilt, the new park offers visitors a tour through five biozones - Patagonia, Sahel-Sudan, Europe, Guyana, and Madagascar. The park covers 14.5 hectares, and the tour path is 4 km long. Over the course of their wandering visit along this specially-designed pathway, visitors will discover over 1,000 animals in their "reconstituted" natural habitat. Visitors therefore have the opportunity to be immersed in the same environment.
In this iconic location, the Natural History Museum is inventing the 21st century zoo: it is no longer just a simple attraction, but rather a powerful tool for raising awareness about nature, a centre for species conservation that respects animals, and a science and research centre. In order to bring this vision to life, Publicis Conseil and the Paris Zoological Park have together developed a new brand signature: the Paris Zoological Park, a new species of zoo; and a new logo that capitalises on the Park's historic symbol: the Big Rock.
As consultant to the Paris Zoological Park, Publicis Conseil has created a poster campaign aimed at turning this much-awaited opening into a landmark event. This campaign shows the return of wild animals to Paris in black and white images, inspired by the most beautiful photos of the natural world. Right in the heart of Paris, wild animals gather around the capital's most emblematic animal statues, bringing a scene from daily life in the wild to the city. This message highlights the new context within which the park is set, that of Paris itself (the zoo in the campaign), closely connected to the Museum and its values. This campaign consists of 4 visuals.
Chief Creative Officer:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Art Buyer:
Account Manager:
Other credit:Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle: Thomas Grenon, Frédéric Vernhes, Fanny Decobert, Cécile Brissaud
Process manager: Valérie Marquant
Strategic planning: Corinne Malsert
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2014
Silver Outdoor
Entertainment & Leisure
The Kinsale Shark Awards 2014
Gold Print/Ambient/Outdoor
International Poster
The Kinsale Shark Awards 2014
Silver Print/Ambient/Outdoor
International Print
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