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Trillion Dollar Billboard

Trillion Dollar Billboard | The Zimbabwean | TBWA
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Industry: Media & Publishing
Media:Ambient & Interactive
Market:South Africa
Style: Minimalism
TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris has won a record number of Cannes Lions for its Trillion Dollar campaign for The Zimbabwean newspaper at the prestigious annual Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. This is the single most awarded campaign coming out of South Africa in Cannes’ 56 year history.

Cholera, poverty, starvation and total economic collapse. It is for reporting on these things over the past 5 years that Zimbabwean journalists have been exiled. A group of these journalists, now based around the world, have come together to produce a newspaper called The Zimbabwean. Published in South Africa and sold here, in the UK and in Zimbabwe itself, The Zimbabwean newspaper and its staff have been persecuted by the Mugabe regime. Unable to stop the paper entering Zimbabwe, the ZANU regime targets it with a duty. It’s the only ‘foreign’ paper that has its price doubled as it crosses the border. For impoverished Zimbabweans, the heavy duty on the paper makes it unaffordable. To get the paper into their hands, The Zimbabwean realised they would have to sell many more papers in South Africa. But most South Africans are already tired of hearing about bad news from our northern neighbour. The challenge was to bring them face to face with the problem. The huge denominations of worthless Zimbabwean currency are a poignant symbol of the country’s ruined economy as well as the hardships ordinary Zimbabweans face each day.

The Zimbabwean newspaper has launched a campaign in which the banknotes literally carry the message. Originally printed with pictures of a once-beautiful and prosperous country, the Zimbabwean has added its message: it’s now cheaper to print on money than paper. Flyers, posters, murals and billboards- all composed of trillions and trillions of worthless Zimbabwean currency- are making their way around the city of Johannesburg this week. For once, this currency has a purpose: To highlight the ongoing crisis that faces the people of Zimbabwe, and to promote the freedom of the press that will help.

Gavin Heron, Group Managing Director for TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris enthused, “As an agency we are thrilled and humbled by this win and couldn’t be prouder of our team! The aim when the team first started working on this campaign was to draw attention to the plight of The Zimbabwean newspaper and Zimbabwe as effectively as possibly. Winning these awards is the cherry on top of a great campaign which delivered exceptional sales results for The Zimbabwean.
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Clio Awards 2010
Gold Billboard
D&AD 2010
Yellow Pencil Poster Advertising
Outdoor Advertising
The One Show 2010
Gold Pencil
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2009
Best Use of Outdoor
The Loerie Awards 2009
Grand Prix
Outdoor & Ambient - Poster Campaign
The Loerie Awards 2009
Grand Prix Advertising - Outdoor & Ambient
The Loerie Awards 2009
Advertising Mixed-Media Campaign
The Loerie Awards 2009
Gold Experiential - Digital Mixed-Media Campaign
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