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Aqua Light Swisssh (C)

Industry: House, Garden & Pets
Media:TV & Cinema
Market:United Kingdom
Style: Minimalism
This campaign tackles one of the toughest known marketing challenges, turning outright long-term “never going to touch your brand in a million years” consumers into enthusiastic product buyers.
15% of women across Western Europe rejected Pantene outright because they feel it weighs their hair down. So how did change occur? Firstly, a new product collection: Pantene Aqua Light, featuring a new type of conditioner which has a lightweight formula. Having the right product was important, but in no way enough. We had to grab attention and say this was new, we had to change long held views of Pantene.

The principal objective of this campaign was to convince women who had previously rejected Pantene to try Pantene Aqua Light. Straying from the norm of hair product advertisements, with big hair and scientific information, Pantene decided to simplify the message, creating one single word which was disruptive, emotional and explicit: Swisssh.

Principally using TV to drive frequency of message, this campaign succeeded in achieving sustained share growth while avoiding cannibalising total Pantene.
EACA Euro Effies 2011
Product/Service Launch
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