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Smell Like a Man, Man

Download WEB 480×360 px HQ coming soon
Industry: Beauty & Health
Media:TV & Cinema
Market:United States
Style: Minimalism
visual contents
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Account Supervisor:
Account Manager:
Production Company:
Sound Design:
Post Production:
Other credit:Arrangement: Lime Studios
Ep: Sue Troyan
Special Effects / VFX: The Mill

Programmer: Trent Johnson, John Cohoon
Describe the campaign/entry:
"The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" was born to get the sexes talking about body wash in a low-involvement category and to convince ladies that only Old Spice will help their man truly smell like a man. This integrated effort combined traditional media (TV and print) and a groundbreaking interactive effort in which "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" recorded 186 personalized YouTube messages to fans over the course of 2 1/2 days. The work would go on to become a cultural phenomenon and would have a huge impact on the bottom line, boosting sales to record levels and solidifying Old Spice as the #1 brand of body wash for men.
Give some idea of how successful this campaign/entry was with both client and consumer:
The return of "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" received more than 600 million earned (free) media impressions. Meanwhile, "Questions" currently has more than 19 million hits on YouTube while the interactive "Response" effort (186 videos) has tallied more than 60 million hits. In addition, the "Response" effort racked up some impressive stats: · Twitter followers increased 2700%. · Facebook fan interactions went up 800%. · Facebook fans increased 60%. · traffic increased 300%. · Old Spice also became the #1 All-Time Most Viewed and #1 Most Subscribed Branded Channel on YouTube—not too shabby for a brand in a supposedly low-involvement category. Finally, the integrated effort had a dramatic impact on the bottom line. Unit sales of premium body wash more than doubled from the previous year—an increase that helped to solidify Old Spice as the #1 brand of body wash for men.
Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.
"The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" returned in June of 2010 with "Questions,": a 30-second TV spot in which the Old Spice guy bakes a cake, builds a kitchen and swan-dives into a hot tub with a motorcycle. This execution debuted on YouTube and later rolled out on broadcast TV, with a media buy that focused on reaching couples. This was followed shortly thereafter by "Boat" (a 15-second TV commercial) and a print buy in top national magazines. Finally, the interactive effort launched in July, in which "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" leveraged YouTube to respond to his fans in real-time.
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2011
Gold Titanium & Integrated
Titanium and Integrated
The One Show 2011
Gold Pencil Integrated Branding
Integrated Branding
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