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On Hold Music Festival

On Hold Music Festival | Reclame Aqui | Grey
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Industry: Professional & Public services
Media:Promotion & Event
Style: Minimalism

The live broadcast was seen by 750,000 people, which together with the wrap-up video amounted to 3 million views and 8 million people reached. In addition to that, the initiative received massive media coverage, including the most important news media outlets in Brazil. The target companies weren’t very happy though, and used their private security, as well as the police, to try and break off the initiative, but at least the message reached their ears: the average waiting time dropped 43% after the festival.

We calculated the average time customers spend waiting while listening to hold music, based on complaints filed at Reclame Aqui, and based on that we selected the companies that served as stages for the festival. We invited three famous Brazilian bands and commissioned versions of three well-known hold tunes. The bands played them for the amount of time the companies leave their customers waiting. On top of that, we invited a host to introduce the event live on social media, provide information and interact with people on the street. Our strategy included a different approach for each news segment: music, celebrities, cultural events, politics and daily life.

We created the first Music on hold Festival and set up the stage in front of companies that keep their customers on hold the longest, listening to this kind of music. Since every Brazilian is a consumer and has been mistreated at least once, the event was met with massive acceptance, being covered by major news media outlets.

Brazilians lose an average 29 minutes waiting at Call Centers, and to make matters worse they’re subjected to a genuine “torture”: listening to the same hold music on repeat. Reclame Aqui, the largest consumer protection service in Brazil, decided to hit back and showed that no one should endure such agony.

Everything began with an online teaser inviting people to a party, which would be broadcast live in celebration of Consumer Rights Day. On the set date news media outlets were at the scene to cover the happening live. We used a truck as mobile stage, and in one day we visited the three companies that were targeted by the initiative. The pop-up stages caught everyone by surprise; the bands played for the amount of time the companies leave their customers waiting, on average. After that, everything was disassembled and we moved on to the next company. Everything was broadcast live on social media, and the whole action was covered by news media outlets. The artists’ fan clubs had an active role, fostering events and being present on the big day. In the end a video was released that summed up the strategy and everything that took place on that day.

Reclame Aqui conceived the first Music on hold Festival, setting up stages in front of the companies that leave their customers waiting on the phone the longest. 5,000 watts of sonic power were blasted back at those responsible for the daily torture of their clients.
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Other credit:Entrant Company: GREY BRAZIL, São Paulo, Brazil
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Chief Operating Officer, Marcia Esteves, Grey Brasil
Planning Director, Raquel Messias, Grey Brasil
Media Director, Thiago Franzão, Grey Brasil
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Broadcast Production, Mariana Mendes, Grey Brasil
Executive Producer, Marcela Sutter, Bando Studio
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