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eir WiFi Calling gets rid of coverage black spots

eir  WiFi Calling gets rid of coverage black spots | eir | Rothco
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WiFi Calling gets rid of coverage black spots.
So eir removed every black spot in an entire magazine
Industry: Internet sites & Services
Published:Oct. 6, 2017
Style: Minimalism
Sitting on the edge of Europe, Ireland has some pretty remote towns and villages. So, cell phone coverage black spots can be a constant problem.

That’s why Ireland’s largest communications company, eir, introduced WiFi calling – which eliminates coverage black spots by using WiFi to boost your cell signal.

We wanted to launch this in a way that was as innovative as the product is, and create a world first for newspaper advertising.

So Rothco took over the entire Daily Mail Magazine and removed every single black spot. Every full stop, every semi colon, every tittle on every ‘I’ and every ‘j’ was replaced with a colourful eir dot. All of them.

No one likes black spots. So eir got rid of them.
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Account Supervisor:
Other credit:Group Marketing Director: Henry Dummer
Head of Brand and Marketing: Oisin Masterson
Head of Studio: David Gallagher
Finished Artist: Mickey Hughes
Agency Producer: Al Byrnes
Managing Director: Richard Carr
Head of Account Management: Miriam Hendrick
Project Director: Ailbhe Beirne
Strategy: Tara Finnegan
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