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Commitment to Harmony

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Media:TV & Cinema
Style: Minimalism
Describe any restrictions or regulations regarding Healthcare/RX/Pharma communications in your country/region including:

In all our target markets, prescribed pharmaceuticals cannot be advertised to the general public. We worked with the client’s in-house legal and compliance teams to ensure the final product met all requirements.

Describe the target audience and why your work is relevant to them.

Dermatologists, immunologists and healthcare professionals attending congress.
Doctors who have deeply studied the inner workings of the human body, but need reminding of the impact treatment choice can have on the delicate machine that is the human body.

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The animation starts with hypnotic and seemingly abstract shots of objects moving within a beautifully synchronised machine. Guided by gold metals and premium textures, they defy logic and physics by working in complete harmony.
The voiceover educates the viewer on how Janssen have always been ahead of the competition. Through their ambition and biological expertise, Janssen have not only created the most innovative treatments to date. They created them before anyone else.
This film positioned Janssen as masters of harmony. Showing how their skills and abilities allow them to flawlessly manufacture the seemingly impossible – products that can remove disease with minimal impact on the rest of the body.
The end of the film reveals that the abstract scenes are in fact the inner ‘machinery’ within the human body, showing how Janssen’s products brings harmony back to the lives of patients.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

EADV is the largest dermatological congress in the world. With over 8,000 doctors attending each year.
Janssen have a number of dermatology products (IL-23, IL-12/23, anti-TNF etc). This film allowed reps to have a unified collective positioning that centred on quality when discussing each of their products.

Tell the jury about visual effects / type(s) of animation used and summarise any relevant challenges or techniques.

The mesmerising animations were created through 3D motion graphics. The imagery is both sophisticated and whimsical. Featuring simple shapes in balanced compositions together with organic textures and harmonising colour palettes.
The animations are based on real world behaviours. Each an artistic interpretation of biological processes. They break friction and gravitational boundaries, enabling perpetual motions that are clean and seamless.
The final shot posed the greatest challenge. By creating a person from the ‘inner machinery’, it had to be built in 3D exactly as it would have been built in real life. This meant that the shadow seen in the final shot is the real shadow of that machine.
The final result is a hypnotic and satisfying visual effect that relaxes the viewer. Making them feel comfortable about the claims made within the film. Positioning Janssen not just as a pharmaceutical company, but as absolute masters of harmony.
Production Company:
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2019
Shortlist Pharma
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