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Industry: Automotive & Services
Style: Minimalism

The spot was aired on cities along major highways in Spain, reaching the target when they were driving in between big cities, during holidays. They are not always aware of how important is to rest before drive, causing thousands of accidents

NOTE TO THE JURY: This radio commercial was broadcasted during Holiday period, on radio stations located along major highways in Spain.ATMOS: Rain, water, rivers, lakes. NARRATOR: Rain: Water in a liquid state that has condensed from the atmosphere through steam and precipitated, all over you… And as you hear the tiny little droplets hitting the floor, you ask for more and almost feel soaked by an overwhelming humidity of a rainforest. There’s no rest, you think.Following the gurgling sound of a stream. That stream.Flowing from all that rain as the shore widens, until it covers your feet.You stop, waiting for the sun to rise, but wait! What’s that sight? A coconut tree? Yeees! How refreshing! The coconut water drops like a 50-meter waterfall hitting an idyllic lake.Thousands of liters of pure clear water falling…That’s when you realize…ATMOS: Car interior.V.O.: …that your bladder can’t take it anymore.You’ve been driving for far too long and it’s time to take a break.Driving for more than two hours straight can decrease your ability to concentrate down to 59%.Stop at the next gas station to use the toilet and seize the opportunity to rest.Ford service. We care about your car, and about you.Go further.

Ford wanted to spread their message about caring for people not only cars, and decided to raise awareness about the need to take breaks during a road trip, so the driver doesn’t loose focus. A active spot walks the audience through a storytelling narrative with suggestive sound effects, generating physical sensations to influence the drivers to stop to use the toilet or eat something and therefore, rest to regain focus.
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Other credit:Entrant Company: OGILVY MADRID, Spain
Advertising Agency: GTB, Madrid, SPAIN
General Creative Director, Paulo Areas, GTB / Ogilvy & Mather Madrid
Head of Experience, Paloma Adrien, Ogilvy & Mather Madrid
Regional Creative Director, Julian Watt, GTB Central
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Shortlist Radio
Cars & Automotive Products & Services
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