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The History of the Mausoleum of Augustus

The History of the Mausoleum of Augustus | Tim | Havas
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Industry: Professional & Public services
Style: Minimalism

One of the most significant monuments in Rome is the Mausoleum of Augustus. In its over 2,000 years of existence the Mausoleum has lived several lives, but during the last 80 years it has been abandoned.Thanks to Fondazione TIM, the Mausoleum will soon be restored to its former glory.How to celebrate and create engagement around the restoration project?We launched a dedicated website, on desktop and mobile, where everyone can relive the magnificent story of Augustus and the Mausoleum through a stunning online experience. An interactive journey in twelve chapters, made possible with the support of the most innovative 3D and WebGL technologies.The idea is to illustrate each age of the Mausoleum with a specific Roman symbol, made up of small fragments. At the end of each chapter, each symbol breaks up into thousands of pieces and then reassembles in a new figure, representing the following age.

With its own act of patronage, Fondazione TIM is committed to returning the Mausoleum of Augustus to the city of Rome and to the whole world.The dedicated website, launched on 28th April 2017, is the most important and relevant tool to invite users to discover this restoration project, to live an immersive experience and to relive an important page of our history.To create this website, first of all we studied a new UX and UI that could be developed around specific 3D symbols.After that, we designed a 3D navigation and an interactive menu, that appears when users rotate each Roman symbol.This interactive journey is structured in twelve chapters, made possible with the support of the most innovative 3D and WebGL technologies. The chapters menu, with all the symbols preview, works as a virtual timeline of the Mausoleum.The main elements of this website, the most iconic Roman symbols, has been revisited in a modern, original and enchanting style, with the support of a low-poly design.These symbols represent the different lives of the Mausoleum. Thanks to the low-poly design we can communicate our concept in an efficient way. The Roman symbols, breaking up into thousands of pieces and then reassembling in a new figure from the same fragments, represent the end and the beginning of every age of the Mausoleum.Another important element of this website are the minimal sound effects. During the experience users can hear the sound of a mystical wind, the echo of an ancient time. Moreover, when each Roman symbol breaks up into thousands of small fragments, we can hear the sound of stones falling down and then reassembling. These sound effects evoke the magical history of the Mausoleum.
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Other credit:Entrant Company: HAVAS MILAN, Italy
Executive Digital Creative Director, Tommaso Mezzavilla, Havas Milan
Web designer, Claudia Brambilla, Havas Milan
Project Manager, Maurizio Arosio, Havas Milan
Technical Director, Emanuele Mei, Havas Milan
Backend developer, Arnaud Leroux, Havas Milan
Front-end developer, Alessia Boeri, Havas Milan
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Bronze Digital Craft
Interface & Navigation (UI)
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