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Beyond Money

Industry: Financial & Legal services
Media:TV & Cinema
Style: Minimalism

Reach7.3 M in the first week.EngagementOn video on demand platforms, "Beyond Money" scored higher than blockbusters like “Fast & Furious”, “Pirates of the Caribbean” or “Bridget Jones’s Baby”, and was ‘featured content’ for 2 days, at the same level as the Classico soccer match between Madrid-FC Barcelona.Just on the opening day, more than 10,000 young people from all over Spain went to the main agency branches of 50 Spanish provinces and 14 movie theaters to see the film. The negative brand sentiment decreased 29% since the premiere. ImpactThe first two weeks achieved 35 % of the annual goal of account sign up.- At Movistar+, the main VOD platform in Spain, the users review average was 4.5 points out of 5. Better than Hollywood blockbusters (image attached) - In the FilmAffinity "branded films" ranking, "Beyond Money" is above pieces as awarded as The Spanish National Lotterys' "Justino", the Nike's "Black Mamba" or even some of the BMW's episodes of "The Hire". (The ranking: )Additional information: in just 1 month, the campaign have reached 54% of recruitment target for the entire year.

Spanish millennials have grown up suffering with the economic crisis and blame it on the banks. (71% would rather go to the dentist than listen to commercial proposals coming from banks).In addition, Santander Bank is perceived as one of the oldest in Spain, and the average age of its clients is around 50 yearsIn 2017, Santander launches the 1|2|3 SMART Account, offering not only financial benefits but youth-oriented services and experiences.In a context of indifference and rejection regarding the financial sector, a bank needs to sell a product to a key audience that does not even want to listen to them.

The project is conceived as a product of entertainment, from conception of the idea, promotion, to the design of the dissemination plan. Santander Bank (the largest of the eurozone) connects with millennials by transmitting a new point of view through entertainment, which improves the engagement and sales results more than any previous advertising campaign aimed at the same target.

Beyond Money, a sci-fi short film set in a dystopian future where you can buy and sell experiences stored in your memory. The film tells the story of Lucia and her search for the balance between money and experiences. And get the audience to think: what's worth more: experiences or money?The story allows the bank to engage young people with a philosophical question about the value of money and experiences, which is what the product does through its financial and non-financial offers.

A 17' sci-fi thriller directed by a famous Spanish director, Kike Maillo, and starring Adriana Ugarte (the star of the latest Almodóvar film). The film was promoted and distributed in the media like any feature film. With its own trailers and posters in all possible media and formats, including television and radio interviews with the protagonists.The film was screened in 14 Spanish cinemas, distributed on 5 TV channels, and is available on Spain's 2 main VOD platforms (Movistar + and Yomvi). In addition to being available online in the same website where you can join the account 1|2|3 Smart.The Santander branches were part of the promotion of the campaign (through the broadcast of the trailer and the posters of the film) and of the diffusion phase (becoming projection rooms on the day of the premiere), attracting millennials in a massive way.

In order to connect with the key generation for the brand, and to sell them a new product, Santander Bank communicates a millennials-like point of view regarding the money-experience balance, reformulating the concept of wealth and taking it beyond money. In the same way that it positions the product as an account that goes beyond money, the campaign highlights its non-financial benefits.And it does so by radically changing its traditional approach. This is the first time the bank launched a movie instead of an advertisement.
Chief Creative Officer:
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Account Supervisor:
Account Manager:
Production Company:
Director of Photography:
Other credit:Head of Digital Marketing, Elena Alti, Santander Bank
Brand and Advertising Director, Marina Peña Caballero, Santander Bank
Content Manager, Sergio Ramírez, Santander Bank
Head of Art, Rafa Merino, Mrm//McCann
Creative, Marcos Martínez, Mrm//McCann
Creative, Rubén Sánchez, Mrm//McCann
Creative, Sergio Villarrubia , Mrm//McCann
Creative, Yerai Gómez, Mrm//McCann
Creative, Dani Requena, Mrm//McCann
Client Services Director, Germán Fritzsch, McCann Worldgroup
Brand Manager, Jorge de Federico, McCann Worldgroup
Planning Director, Raquel Espantaleón, McCann Worldgroup
Director & Scriptwriter, Kike Maíllo, Freelance
Cast, Adriana Ugarte, Freelance
Cast, Miquel Fernández, Freelance
Cast, Will Shepard, Freelance
Cast, Bárbara Goenaga, Freelance
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