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The Lovers

Club Internet, you’re in good company.
Industry: Professional & Public services
Media:TV & Cinema
Published:Apr. 27, 2006
Style: Minimalism
Description / Synopsis

DDB Paris has developed a new multiple media campaign, adapted for the press, television and internet, based around a key consumer problem: enormous telephone bills! A saga of three films will be visible on screens from 27th April. “The Lovers”, “The Call Waiting” and “The Maniac” all continue in the communication territory constructed over the course of more than a year by Club Internet and DDB Paris, by putting the consumer’s experience at the heart of the story.


Club Internet continues to axe its brand-positioning around accompanying support for the consumer by placing this and client relations at the heart of its priorities, as can be seen by its signature: “Club Internet, you’re in good company”. The Brand, which is not afraid to attack the problems anyone might face with the internet and telephone head-on, shows itself to be reassuring, bringing clear answers that are perfectly adapted to each problem, and always working to create an understanding and sense of proximity with its target.


Club Internet puts forward its ability to help its clients achieve important savings, by proposing as part of its new offer, on top of ADSL up to 24 Mb: - Unlimited calls to landlines in France and internationally (40 countries) - Unlimited calls to Club Internet’s hotline - Transfer out of France Telecom monthly fixed charge (with subscription) … ..for a very advantageous total cost of 24,90 € / month (excluding modem).
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Account Manager:
Other credit:Strategic Planner Grégoire Audidier
Meribel Ad Festival - Central Europe Cristal Awards 2006
Humor: Commercial / France
Prix Club des Directeurs Artistiques 2006
2nd Prize
Television Films
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