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Industry: Culture, Recreation & Sport
Media:Design & Branding
Style: Minimalism

We did a survey to see how well known the old symbol was. Even though it had been used frequently since 1994, very few people associated it with GöteborgsOperan. All shows has its own visual expression, a strategy that makes the symbol of the host even more important. It needs to be the visual link between different shows and strong enough to stand out in a busy environment. Apart from making GöteborgsOperan more visible, the strategy was to make the brand more accessible, up to date and digital. An opera house to be curious about.

The new logo delivers a memorable and recognizable presence through an “O” — for Opera — that has been dipped in liquid and made to reverberate with sound waves. To create the identity we invited some of the performers to participate in an audiovisual experiment. With the help of sound waves generated by vocal chords, movement and instruments – as well as some clever computer work – we were able to create a moving, dynamic identity.The result is captured in motion and stills to create an unexpected logo (or set of logos) with rich textures.

The visual identity has already caught great attention since launch in March 2017. The project has been featured online by Brand New and other design blogs, and there's more coverage to follow. The new visual identity has simplified the everyday life of all those who work with GöteborgsOperan's communication on a daily basis (the house employ 1.100 people).

Costume change at the operaOpened in 1994, GöteborgsOperan (The Göteborg Opera) is an opera house at Lilla Bommen, a harbor section in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden, with a commanding building designed by Jan Izikowitz. Situated in the heart of Scandinavia’s busiest port, its silhouette reminiscent of the bow of a giant ship. The venue — which attracts 250,000 visitors to over 270 performances per year — is home to the opera and one of the foremost contemporary dance companies in Europe.The old logo didn’t have the recognition the organization wanted from it. Our mission was to create an entirely new visual identity for GöteborgsOperan.

As mentioned above, we included members of the ensemble in the design process, making the visual identity their own. The wordmark and colour palette are designed to complement to the expressive “O”s. Clearly secondary elements, not competing with the main attraction. The visual identity was implemented on all touch points – online, in communication, stationery, physical environments, etc.
Creative Director:
Production Company:
Other credit:Entrant Company: HAPPY F&B, Gothenburg, Sweden
Design Director, Oskar Andersson, Happy F&B
Motion Designer, Christian Carlsson, Happy F&B
Design Director, Martin Bergström, Happy F&B
Design Director, Nils Carlson, Happy F&B
Visualizer, Lovisa Pettersson, Happy F&B
Final Art, Mikael Selin, Mikael Selin
Final Art, Gaia Lanfranchi, Happy F&B
Film, F&B Studios, F&B Studios
Brand Stategist, Thomas Bo Astvik, Happy F&B
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Shortlist Design
Creation of a new Brand Identity: Consumer
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