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Number 2 Magazine

Industry: Beauty & Health
Media:Design & Branding
Style: Minimalism
Describe any restrictions or regulations regarding Health & Wellness communications in your country/region including:

Healthcare communication is strictly regulated in Brazil. Rx brands can only approach non-HCPs in an unbranded way. All claims must be supported by scientific evidence backed by studies published on indexed journals. Awareness campaigns should be educational and not inflict fear on the population.

Health & Wellness work must demonstrate how it meets the criteria 'life-changing creativity'. Why is your work relevant for Health & Wellness?

Squatting is the natural position to poo. But Western toilets prevent us from that – which may cause constipation, colon disease, hemorrhoids. What if a leading toilet paper brand could help people achieve the ideal position, in a fun and discreet way?

Write a short summary about the collateral execution

Number 2 by Kimberly-Clark is the first magazine that helps you poo. It's everyone's perfect toilet companion.

It's handed to patients by gastroenterologists, proctologists, nutritionists, along with Neve® Comfort Plus samples.

Every issue has a stylish cover inspired in the struggles female patients experience when constipated – or in the freedom they feel when constipation is gone.

On the inside, information on fiber, nutrition, hydration and digestive health.

And for the grand finale… just join its covers together, and Number 2 becomes a foot stool that raises your knees to a perfect 35-degree angle. Scientific data shows this is the ideal position to poo, free from the strain caused by conventional toilets:

> 71% reported faster bowel movements;
> 5x more people report a "very easy" experience;
> 90% reported less straining to defecate.

When you're done, just fold the magazine back up. And it's ready for your next #2.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Brazilians are famous for being extroverts. But when it comes to the
bathoom experience, poo is taboo. And there is much to improve – starting by the poop position.

Neve®, the leading toilet paper in Brazil, decided to break the taboo with a solution that had always been there: the good old bathroom magazine.

So we came up with a publication that sparks this dialogue, provides information and functional support for the ideal poo position, and disguises perfectly as a bathroom magazine.
Production Company:
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2019
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