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Greenpeace Screensaver

Industry: Public interest & Non-profit
Style: Minimalism
Co2 – the climate killer. In 2007, no other topic has dominated environmetal policy more. For good reason: According to the most recent climate models, global temperature will rise by 3.5 degrees Celsius within the near future – meaning the end to many ecosystems.

As an independent environmental activist, Greenpeace does not have the financial means to launch a cross-medial global campaign to create awareness for this matter. Only the internet provides the opportunity to reach an enormous amount of people with a modest budget. Thus, we designed and programmed a screensaver which can be downloaded for free. As soon as the screensaver is activated, displays a very familiar picture: cute tropical fish swimming in the ocean. When the user returns to his computer after a few minutes, a completely different sight awaits him. All fish are drifting belly-up on the water surface, because after three minutes, all life in the ocean dies automatically. Our message floats on top of the screen : „Turning off your computer saves a lot more than just energy." together with our call to action. By doing so, we managed to turn the medium itself into the message.

The screensaver not only spread across all of Austria, but way beyond it's international borders. As a result, hundreds of thousands of households, offices and schools were confronted with our hidden message about global warming and our call to action everytime they left their computer unattended. And it still keeps on spreading...
Creative Director:
Other credit:Account Director Christin Herrnberger
Graphic Designer Marion Schlipfinger
Animation/Illustrator Robert Wimberger
The IAA Socially Responsible Communications (SRC) Award 2008
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