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Industry: Automotive & Services
Style: Minimalism
Creative Execution:
GT RIDE is a mobile racing game where you build your own unique race track by moving your smartphone through the air. The axis sensor inside your smartphone or tablet records the positioning data, which the app uses to calculate an individual 3D track.

Having raced this track, you can send it as a challenge to your Facebook friends. It can be played on smartphones, tablets, the GT RIDE website and Facebook. In several European markets on iOS and Android.

As an incentive, users were entered into a competition to win a real pro_cee’d GT during the first campaign phase.

Within the first two months, the app was downloaded 125,000 times in six participating markets. In France alone, GT RIDE entered the Top 10 free apps ranking in the first week. The popular “Android Mag” named it App of the Week straight after its launch.

A GT Ride Facebook Community was quickly formed: over the first few weeks, more than 15,000 Facebook users sent over 65,000 tracks and took part in over 250,000 racing challenges.

The app hit a nerve with users and turned them into brand ambassadors. It was even more successful than Kia had anticipated. As a result, it featured subsequently as a kinect version at the 2013 Frankfurt and 2014 Geneva Motor Show, and will be making an appearance at the Paris Motor Show 2014. Approx. 10 other European markets will be launching the app in 2014. Meanwhile, work is already underway on phase 2 of the app.

The pro_cee’d GT is the first high-performance model in the Kia range. Consequently, the brand was dealing with a new group of buyers that wasn’t yet familiar with Kia and its products. They are young, dynamic and almost exclusively male.

Our biggest challenge was making sure we caught the attention of this digitally advanced target group in the first place. They’re always online and constantly on the lookout for genuinely new innovations. Additionally, they’re extremely into gaming and – most importantly – difficult to reach via traditional media.

The idea: a viral gaming app that reflects all the characteristics of the pro_cee’d GT itself: dynamism, sportiness and innovation. With the aim of encouraging our target group to get to know the brand and product in a playful way, enjoy themselves along the way and recommend the app to their friends.
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Account Supervisor:
Production Company:
Other credit:Managing Director: Matthias Maurer
Managing Director: Patrik De Jong
Managing Director: Dirk Hoffmann
Technical Lead: Torsten Sperling
Project Manager: Andrea Rohé
Concept Developer: Marco Gabriel
Technical Project Management: Kevin Breynck
Concept Developer: Johannes Mücke
Interface Design: Meike Ufer
Interface Programming: Wolfgang Müller
Backend Programming: Robin Niemeyer
Web Programming: Karsten Götz
Interaction Design: Thomas Mayer
3d Modelling And Postproduction: Jens Eric Peter
Technical Project Management: Ferdinand Streicher
3D Artist: Jens Eric Peter
Developer: Johannes Mücke
Interactive Designer: Thomas Mayer
Programmer: Wolfgang Müller, Robin Niemeyer
Technical Delivery Manager: Kevin Breynck, Ferdinand Streicher
Technical Director: Torsten Sperling
Web Designer: Meike Ufer
Web Producer: Kartsen Götz
Managing Partner: Matthias Maurer, Patrik de Jong, Dirk Hoffman
Project Manager: Andrea Rohé
D&AD 2015
Wood Pencil Mobile Marketing
Innovative Use of Mobile Technology
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2014
Bronze Mobile
Use of Co-Creation & User Generated Content
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