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Call 911

Industry: Automotive & Services
Style: Minimalism

It was filmed in Spain, but it uses an international insight. 112 or 911-in USA- are well known telephone assistance services around the world. Usually are total stress situations, that we normalize with the product entry.

Two main characters: an operator and a victim who calls from home. A call to 112 where the tension fills the air. What seems to be a robbery of a property, gives an unexpected outcome that makes the product entry even more effective. In the middle and as part of the script, we listen a complete description of the vehicle which makes the spot even more effective.

(SFX: telephone rings, police station ambience)Operator: - 112, how can I help you?Woman: - please…someone has broken into my house, please, help me, please!Operator: - Calm down, calm down. What is your address?Woman: - …65 acacias avenue Operator: -Don’t worry, try to stay calm, ok? I’m here for you. Alright, are you alone? Are you alone? Hey?Woman: - They’ve gone.Operator: -They’ve gone. Ok.Woman: - I’m so me!Operator: - What did they look like? Can you describe them to me?Woman: There were three, I’m not sure. I think there were three…they were wearing ski masks. It was so dark and I was so afraid… They got away by car.Operator: - What about the car? Could you see it?Woman: -it was red…it had LED Intellilux matrix headlights, massage seats, 17 inch tyres, parking assistance, dead angle sensor, signal recognition, remote door unlock, fun projection and tiny lights on the rear-view mirrors…(SFX: car engine starts)ANNCR:New OPEL Astra. Hard to forget.
Chief Creative Officer:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Production Company:
Other credit:Entrant Company: Y&R MADRID, Spain
General Creative Director, Martín Ostiglia, Young & Rubicam
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Shortlist Radio
Cars & Automotive Products & Services
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