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The Cure Is US

The Cure Is US | Cactus | Cactus
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Industry: Corporate self-promo
Style: Minimalism
What can we do as Americans to rally and do the things we need to do to get through the COVID-19 pandemic? Cactus wanted a big idea that called individuals to step up and take collective action, and they wanted to do it in a way that celebrated who we always have been as Americans—tough, fierce, strong, and capable of facing down the world’s greatest challenges. It was also crucial that the campaign be politically neutral.

Within 24 hours, a small team assembled the idea for The Cure Is US campaign. Cactus created a website, graphics for social sharing and printing, and they set up an automated email responder to give pledge-takers exclusive graphics. The downloadable campaign toolkit includes a thank you sign for locked-down homeowners to place in front-facing windows to thank first responders, images sized to all major social media platforms, and a phone background/lock screen to remind you to clean and disinfect your phone frequently ( For DIYers, Cactus also included SVG files so people can own this work and create whatever they’d like to spread the message, not the virus. From t-shirts to mugs to giant banners to hang on their front porches - we need everyone can take part, because the cure is US.
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