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Time Will Tell

Industry: Financial & Legal services
Media:TV & Cinema
Published:May 20, 2019
Style: Minimalism

Schroders plc, a British Investment Company which has 200 years history, is celebrating the 30th anniversary of joining Taiwan market. As not having any experience of reaching Taiwanese consumers through advertising, how would the firm enhance brand love and trust by opening a dialogue with the locals?


Schroders plc has applied “For what matters most” as the brand core value. By taking the occasion of celebrating the 30th anniversary, the firm would like to demonstrate their dedication, from the past to the present and the future, to keep the promise to Taiwanese consumers: create brand value and gain the love and trust.


We believe there are many values which are intangible and cannot be seen by eyes. But time will tell what matters most. Time is the only mentor to teach us the meaning of a promise, and other truly precious values of life. To keep a promise is the core belief of Schroders plc.

Great brands tell stories. And we are here to tell a story about “Time will tell”.

It is inspired by a true story happened during World War II. Two people who had never met pretended to be mother and son. They both knew the truth but chose to conceal it for 42 years. In the end they decided to believe that the life they spent together was rather the truth.

All this was simply because of a trust which was not bound by law.

Owen and William were comrade went through fire and water together during the war. They committed to look after each other’s family if either one of them died in battle. Unfortunate thing did happen. William sacrificed in the war. After the war finished, Owen went to visit William’s mother, who was blind and lived on her own, with the certificate of William’s death. Owen didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth since it would break her heart. Also, Owen remembered the promise he made to William, he decided to pretend he is William and take care of William’s mother.

As what Schroders believe, time will tell what matters most. Keeping a promise is the best investment of life, any individual shall make every day worthwhile.
Chief Creative Officer:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Account Supervisor:
Account Manager:
Other credit:Associate Creative Director : Steve Tseng
Creative Supervisor : Meng-Yuan Chou
Executive Producer: Sean Hung
Vice President: Alan Sun
Senior Plan Director: Vivian Chen
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