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Spoiler | Telemundo | Grey
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Industry: Media & Publishing
Media:TV & Cinema
Style: Minimalism
Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

Today the consumption of entertainment contents has shifted to an On Demand logic, meaning that audiences are no longer tied to a specific day or time.
What did we use to do to ensure nobody missed La Reina del Sur 2, and saw it live whenever it went out on TV?
We created an amusing campaign in which we simply told what had happened in the previous episode. Yes, we spoilt it by all possible means. Even the actors joined in on their networks.


• Situation
Most people today see shows on online platforms, whether streaming services or illegally, thanks to the accessibility of these platforms, the content available (all the Telemundo series are there), access to unlimited data and massive availability of smartphones among the Hispano population of the USA.
• Brief
We had to get people to want to follow La Reina del Sur 2 on Telemundo with a commitment of 5 days a week, and not wait to see it on Netflix next year.
• Objectives
To generate a sense of urgency to see this new season of LRDS on Telemundo. To generate the sensation of a “collective moment” or event.
To recaptivate audiences (retaining the originals and capturing new viewers).

Describe the creative idea

In the age of mobile TV, how can everybody be persuaded to watch it on the same day, at the same time and on the same channel?
We resorted to what everyone tries to avoid: spoilers. After each episode we inundated the media telling what had happened, and the protagonists themselves even joined in on their networks and TV programmes.

Describe the strategy

• Target audience (consumer demographic/individuals/organisations)
Hispanic audience in the US (60m/ 60% Mexicans > mostly from the north of Mexico: workers, submissives, “the unheard”)
Telemundo Primetime audience: Men and women, average age 40, hyperconnected, mostly Mexicans (not necessarily bilingual)

• Approach
The media strategy was based on the use of high-impact vehicles taking into account the target’s media consumption.

Describe the execution

The execution was strategically divided into two stages.
Some weeks before the start of the series we began to generate anticipation about the spoilers to come. We used the social networks of Telemundo and LRDS2, as well as DOOH and newspapers.
Once the series had begun, we started with the spoilers aiming with the programming to keep the audience hooked. We added our own talent (from the series and the rest of the chain) to maximise impact.

Describe the outcome

Best premiere in the past two years among total viewers and adults 18-49. TEL more than doubled UNIVISION at 10pm last night.

La Reina Del Sur’s S2 premiere ranked as the #1 program regardless of language for the time slot among A18-49.

La Reina del Sur 2 premiere was the #1 most social drama series regardless of language.

8,100,000 reproductions in total of the trailer: a new record. (Youtube, Facebook and Twitter).

1,300,000 social impressions and over 2.5 million unique viewers on the day of the premiere.

Record audience figures not only in Miami: also in New York, Dallas and Houston.

The Telemundo app was a trend in the ITunes App Store in the United States for the first time ever.
Production Company:
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2019
Bronze Entertainment
Excellence in Audience Engagement or Distribution Strategy for Branded Content
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2019
Shortlist Entertainment
Promotional Content for Publishers & Networks
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