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Immunity Charm

Immunity Charm | Ministry of Public Health, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan | McCann Erickson
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Industry: Professional & Public services
Media:Direct Market
Style: Minimalism

The Immunity Charm is the immunization history of a child, worn by the child.The immunity charm comprises colored beads. By codifying the beads on the bracelet, doctors have created an incentive for Afghan mothers to maintain immunization history. On every vaccine given, the doctor adds a specific colored bead to the bracelet, building up the immunization history data on the child's wrist. This data can be easily interpreted by other doctors when they see the bracelet. Seeing the success of the pilot program the Government will now be extending it to other provinces as well.

Afghanistan's vaccination completion rate is just 50%, and infant mortality rate is 101 out of every 1000 live births.As the Immunity Charm spreads across various Afghan provinces, it helps thousands of infants complete their vaccination schedule.This is a unique case of collecting data and then using that same data as incentive!

To counter these traditional biases, we turned to another Afghan tradition. A bracelet that is tied on infants to ward off evil forces, now also protects them from diseases.

Remote areas, illiteracy, and traditional biases against vaccines, mean Afghanistan has a vaccination completion rate of just 50%. Doctors face a lack of immunization history as parents do not maintain vaccination cards. We needed the people of Afghanistan to understand the importance of immunization and help them complete their child's immunization.

The product was for infants. It had to be safe, non allergic, no oral hazards if chewed or sucked on, small in size to fit the wrist. Charm had to be adjustable so beads could be added as when the child received it's vaccination. The product had to be strong to be able to withstand extreme conditions & have a long life.Materials for the beads is BPA free(food grade) plastic. The thread is a mix of Nylon & Polyester. Easy to wash & clean. And difficult for a child to break. Moulds for the bead were made to make it into a small size of 6mm & groves were added to make it exclusive.The clasp was designed (2.9mm diameter) to make sure the beads pass through easly.MDF board was used for the box. Making it compact and easy to carry.
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Other credit:Entrant Company: McCANN WORLDGROUP INDIA, Mumbai, India
Advertising Agency: McCANN HEALTH, New Delhi, INDIA
Media Agency: McCANN HEALTH, New Delhi, INDIA
Additional Company: GLOBAL HEALTH CONSULTING, Washington, USA
Executive Chairman & Regional ED AP, Prasoon Joshi, McCann World Group
National Creative Director, Prateek Bhardwaj, McCann Worldgroup
Senior Vice President & Country Head (India), Dr. Harshit Jain, McCann Health
Senior Medical Advisor, Dr. Daniel J Carucci, McCann Global Health
President, McCann Global Health, Andrew Schirmer, McCann Health
Creative Team Leader, Vaibhava Bhatnagar, McCann Worldgroup
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