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Industry: Culture, Recreation & Sport
Market:United States
Style: Minimalism

After Litbaits was picked up by the media, the campaign's numbers sky-rocketed. The client's Medium page saw an increase of 14,000% in readership, our Facebook posts showed an increase of 150% in engagement compared to the previous month. The campaign was showcased on over 125 news outlets from around the world including BBC, CNN, Mashable, Wired, PSFK, Adweek, Upworthy as well as local coverage from ABC and NBC and shared by major publishing houses like Penguin Books and Random House.

Brick and mortar bookstores have been in decline for quite some time now and The Wild Detectives Bookstore needed an idea to create awareness of their store. The brief was simple: we needed to create a campaign that gets people to read that would launch on National Read A Book Day. The objective wasn't sales but rather to create awareness of this brick and mortar bookstore in the heart of Dallas through the promotion of their main mission, which is getting people to read.

Although clickbait is almost universally hated, it works and not just on young people. People of all ages can't seem to resist the allure the information gap a clickbait creates. Which is why we decided to target people between the ages of 18 and up from the Dallas metro area. The idea to use clickbait on Facebook was not a coincidence, as Facebook is the platform where clickbait flourishes the most. So it was only natural that we use clickbait as a mechanism to get our campaign off the ground on Facebook.

The idea is simple: take classic works of literature and turn them into clickbait articles. We used the same well-known language typical of clickbait posts to create clickbait headlines based on the plots of famous classical books. The idea was to trick and troll people into clicking and reading a book rather than a useless article. We called the idea Litbaits, a combination of the word literature and clickbait. Once users clicked, they were taken to a Medium page where they could read an entire book.

We launched the campaign on September 6, 2016 which coincided with National Read a Book day in the United States. We then created a series of Facebook posts that would redirect users to our client's existing (but dormant) Medium page. Each post had the entirety of a classic, copyright-free book for them to read. Each Facebook post was crafted to be as similar as possible as a typical clickbait post: a headline that left an information void that could only be filled by clicking, a sub-headline that further contributed to the informational void and an image that followed the visual cues of a clickbait article. The posts were then dark-promoted during the first week of the campaign and then seeded organically throughout the web.
Chief Creative Officer:
Art Director:
Other credit:Entrant Company: DIESTE, Dallas, USA
Associate Creative Director, Raúl Méndez, Dieste
Head of Art, Gustavo Zapata, Dieste
Executive Producer, John Costello, Dieste
Associate Creative Director, Marina Cuesta, Dieste
Sound Engineer, Carlos González, Deaf Mule
Digital Creative Director, Matías Jaramillo, Dieste
The One Show 2018
Merit Interactive
Craft / Writing
The One Show 2018
Merit Social Media
Branded Social Post / Campaign
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Bronze Cyber
Social Business & Commerce
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Bronze PR
Innovative Use of Social Media
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