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Official Gorillaz App

Industry: Culture, Recreation & Sport
Market:United States
Style: Minimalism

As an ageless virtual band with an ever evolving sound, Gorillaz’ position in pop culture is unique - their highly engaged global audience has remained within the tech-savvy 18-24 demographic throughout their 19 year existence. How do you raise the bar yet again, for the world’s most innovative band?We identified mixed reality and the mobile phone as our frontier to redefine storytelling and music consumption driving the global album launch campaign. Our aim was to create the best mobile mixed reality experience the world had ever seen. In the spirit of the democratic nature of the band, we set out to make this experience accessible to everybody, regardless of their device level, operating system or location.

Gorillaz, the world’s greatest virtual band created by musician Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett, have returned after a seven year hiatus with a highly anticipated new album, ‘Humanz’.With every album, Gorillaz have pushed the frontier of innovation and storytelling. Huge leaps in mobile technology during their hiatus presented us with a radical opportunity to break new ground and tell the Gorillaz story in a completely new way. Our task was to launch the album and create an immersive storytelling platform for the future.

HUMANZ launched at No1 spot on iTunes chart in UK, USA and over 30 other countries around the world.App:#1 trending on iTunes on launch day 130,000 installs in the first 24 hours300,000 installs in 195 countries and counting 4.5 ? App Store / 4.3 ? Google PlayGorillaz app is featured in over 60 music and tech publications.#HumanzHouseParty:125,923 Fans around the world searched for the AR House in 146 countries70k likes #humanzhouseparty on Instagram1.1MM Impressions #humanzhouseparty on Instagram900k Reach #humanzhouseparty on Instagram1,500+ posts on Instagram with #HumanzHouseParty on Instagram1.8MM impressions with #humanzhouseparty on Twitter1.1MM reach with #humanzhouseparty on Twitter

Erasing the line between Gorillaz and reality.We created the world’s first mixed reality album launch, bringing fans and Gorillaz closer together than ever before. Delivered through a mobile app, we created a unique blend of real world, augmented reality, virtual reality and 360 environments. We first immersed fans into the intimate world of Murdoc, 2D, Russel and Noodle and then brought Gorillaz’ into our reality with the #HumanzHouseParty - a chance to preview the full album at the largest ever geo-specific augmented listening event across 500+ locations from Tokyo to Santiago.

Following in the steps of Kong Studios and Point Nemo, the Spirit House is the band’s new residence at heart of the ‘Humanz’ narrative. Gorillaz app is a motion-tracked 360 looking glass into the Spirit House, and an AR layer that brings it into our world. The app opens on the augmented live view of the device’s camera - breaking the reality barrier in very first interaction. 3D menu-objects, augmented into user’s surroundings, each open a portal into a room within the virtual house. Creating each environment and AR object from the ground up in Jamie Hewlett’s iconic style required a seamless combination of CG, in-device rendering and photo-realistic compositing. A first-of-it’s-kind geo-specific AR listening experience then brought Gorillaz into fans’ world at 500+ locations around the globe.We pushed the nascent WebVR and WebGL technologies, deployed as an app, to deliver a smooth, optimised performance across multiple platforms and devices.
Production Company:
Other credit:Entrant Company: B-REEL, London, United Kingdom
The One Show 2018
Silver Pencil Mobile
Use of Technology / Augmented Reality (AR)
The One Show 2018
Merit Branded Entertainment
Experiential / Augmented Reality (AR)
The One Show 2018
Merit Interactive
Innovation in Interactive / Experiential
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Gold Mobile
Apps as Part of a Campaign
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Silver Entertainment for Music
Excellence in Audience Engagement & Distribution Strategy for Music Content
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Silver Mobile
Activation by Location
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Shortlist Entertainment for Music
Use of Music App/Device
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