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Sdia Project

Sdia Project | Israel Aids Task Force | Y&R
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Industry: Public interest & Non-profit
Media:Ambient & Interactive
Style: Minimalism
Results and Effectiveness:
BEFORE SDIA’s secret was revealed: • Over 8 HOURS of radio airtime within weeks • Ranked #4 on Israel’s music chart • Ranked #9 on the "Most Downloaded Ringtones" list • Played once every hour in 300 coffee shops. • Used as the "Big Brother" Show wake-up theme (most popular TV show) • Reviewed by Israel’s #1 "E-Entertainment" TV show. AFTER SDIA’s secret was revealed: The SDIA story and the AIDS issue became breaking news and a top media story that earned the Task Force a 2nd wave of free media coverage on National TV, radio, newspapers, the Internet and MTV Europe. +75% media coverage of World AIDS Day vs. 2009

Creative Execution:
Radio was the trigger: Instead of using radio for its commercial breaks, we aimed for the core of the medium: music content. We created a fictitious band named SDIA, released a song called "Going all the way" and sent it to all radio stations. Simultaneously we filmed a video clip and opened a MySpace website for the band. Within a short time the song was being played on the radio and the clip was making the rounds. The song was played in coffee shops and was adopted by the "Big Brother" TV show as their wake-up theme. On World AIDS Day, after the song caught, we revealed the band's secret: SDIA = AIDS (Spelled backwards) And this was the World AIDS Day Campaign. People had turned from unsuspecting music fans to active players in a social campaign. Hours of apparently innocent content became a meaningful message at once. From an issue teens didn't want to hear about anymore AIDS awareness became part of the discussion again… And it all started with a Band that didn’t really exist but made a big difference. This is the power of radio content.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea:
With the number of HIV cases in Israel showing an upward trend, as opposed to rest of the world, we needed to get people, teenagers in particular, who had had enough of the AIDS issue, to talk about it again. But how do you get past people's antagonism towards the issue and get them to spread an AIDS prevention message nobody wants to hear about: we made radio infectious.
Chief Creative Officer:
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Account Supervisor:
Account Manager:
Production Company:
Other credit:Other Credits: Executive Interactive Singer: Roni Alter
London International Advertising Awards 2010
Finalist Digital
Music Original
New York Festival International Advertising Awards 2010
UNDPI: Innovative Use of Media
New York Festival International Advertising Awards 2010
Silver Mixed Media
Mixed Media : Healthcare
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