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Stone Milk

Stone Milk | Clube de Criação | FCB
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Industry: Culture, Recreation & Sport
Media:Design & Branding
Style: Minimalism

All the campaign was developed around the Stone Milk bottle which was delivered to top creatives, designers and marketing executives. The bottles had a minimalist design, which guided the creation of the whole campaign. The minimalist design was chosen so we get great executions with minimal resources, making the campaign itself an example of “getting milk out of a stone”. We had online films (‘The Comet’, ‘The Implosion’, ‘The Catapult’) featuring epic stories about a drop of milk being taken out of stones. They were simple b&w animations, with only black cubes and a powerful sound design.The posters were literally taken out of a stone, through lithography process, taking the campaign’s concept to the very method of printing.The lithography gave the posters a raw, rudimentar aesthetics, with imperfections and different textures, making them look as they were very hard to be taken out of the stone.

CULTURAL CONTEXT“Getting milk out of a stone” is a Brazilian expression similar to “getting blood out of a stone”, meaning getting a great outcome from an adverse situation. A situation that everyone who works with creativity is very familiar with.CHALLENGEThe 2016 edition of the Brazilian Creative Club Festival came in a very particular, tough year: deep crisis in Brazil, short budgets in clients, hard times for agencies.How could we bring relevance for a festival about creativity in a scenario like that?

We first released a campaign advertising the Stone Milk, this new product, named after the well-known expression. Online films, print ads and posters with minimalist design featured the bottle of the Stone Milk. Then, we started sending out the actual Stone Milk bottles to top creatives, designers and marketing executives, as a direct marketing effort. The Stone Milk’s nutritional facts in the bottle would show the information about the Brazilian Creative Club Festival, such as dates, content and ticket sales.

The 2016 edition of the Brazilian Creative Club Festival had the largest attendance rate of all years, bringing people from other Brazilian states and surpassing the previous year by 33%. The Stone Milk was subject of several business news, helping the festival establish itself as a creativity pole in Brazil.

We turned the popular expression into a branded product: the Stone Milk. A milk produced by everyone that innovates, even when times are hard. The Stone Milk was created to remind people of the importance of the creative thinking and its results. The Stone Milk bottles were delivered to our target as an invitation for the Brazilian Creative Club Festival.The whole campaign was developed around this ‘new product’, always with a minimalist design, making the campaign itself an example of "getting milk out of a stone".
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Production Company:
Other credit:Audio Producer: Antfood, Lou Schmidt, Pablo Homem de Mello, Pedro Botsaris, Tiago Lins, Wilson Brown
Chief Creative Director: Joanna Monteiro
Agency Producer: Charles Nobili, Pedro Lazzuri, João Albertini
Brand Director (Client): Fernando Campos
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017
Shortlist Design
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